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A healthy life is not only about eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. It has a lot to do with personal hygiene and clean habits. While UTI and washroom born infections are very common nowadays. How to maintain healthy personal hygiene is the main question. And PeeSafe Products is your ultimate answer.

Pee Safe, an Indian Personal Hygiene brand, helps you to avoid health issues related to unhygienic conditions. Using Pee Safe, you’ll feel more comfortable in using public washrooms as it makes toilets and bathrooms germ-free. All Peesafe Products are safe and effective, with insta-hygiene experience. And Not just that, they are skin-friendly too!

While using public toilets, there is a higher risk of catching infections like UTI. When there is no water around or it is not possible for you to visit the washroom. In situations like these, Products like Pee safe toilet seat sanitizer spray can be your daily saviour. The spray deodorizes the washroom to provide a smoothing sanitisation experience. It fits any bag and is very comfortable to use and available in pleasant aromas that last for longer.

Pee Safe: Assured Safety from UTI

TabletShablet, India’s leading Online Medical Store provide a variety of female hygiene products for a better personal hygiene experience. PeeSafe Natural Intimate Wash provides you protection from infections, bad odour, irritation, itching and other health hazards. The No-paraben and sulphate formula of it ensures no side effects or any kind of skin harm.

Pee Safe Panty Liners are similar to sanitary napkins but thinner. They can be used on a daily basis to avoid extra discharges. It can be used anytime & anywhere. With extra-soft surface for extra comfort, Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners gives you an easy and tension-free experience. Do not flush it, as it may clog the drain.

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