Body Care Products

Our human body is great with the mechanics to digest, respire and to metabolise what we eat. It is the body that stretches, exercises and relaxes to soothe the mind. When it comes to body care, most people think it as just the skin of the body that we are referring to but its more than that.

Taking care of the body should be done both from the outside as well as inside. To give you the experience of full body care, TabletShablet has a whole category dedicated to body, which includes best body care products for like body care lotions, supplements, shower gels, mosquito repellents, stretch marks cream, hair removal products, massage oils, etc.

To moisturize and nourish your skin from the outside, we have body lotions from some of the best brands like WOW, Mamaearth, VedicRoots, Aveeno, Vaseline, Nivea, Sebamed and Dermadew, etc. These body lotions and creams not only moisturize your skin but also protect it from outside dust and pollutants.

Cleansing is the basic and most essential part of an effective body care routine. And for that, we have Shower gels and body wash from brands like Body cupid, Sebamed, Wow, Apollo Noni, etc. They mildly cleanse your skin without causing skin dryness.

It’s not just the dengue and malaria that mosquitoes bring but they also cause mosquito bites on the skin. So, to prevent yourself from getting those bites, we recommend using mosquito repellents both indoors and outdoors.

Explore our entire range of products for body care lotion online to give your body the care it deserves from popular brands to Ayurvedic Products.


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