BCP BAJAJ Products

Being one of the leading manufacturers of Churan Goli in Rajasthan. BCP Bajaj is a brand manufacturing Ayurvedic digestive tablets, and spices. Abiding by its Motto, “ANY TIME ANYWHERE CHOICE OF ALL”, the company ensures that each BCP Bajaj product is enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Having an experience of manufacturing for more than 45 years, the company has made quite a name in Rajasthan. But still, its main focus is to keep its quality and taste at the best. Each and every product of it is made from fresh extracts of natural ingredients.

In addition, all of the BCP Bajaj products are prepared in a dust-free and hygienic environment. So, the customers can enjoy the products without any worry!

The highlight of the brand are its tasty digestive tablets that are available in different flavour and taste to help relieve all kinds of digestive issues.

Bajaj Aam Pachak, Bajajmola, Bajaj Amla Pachak, Bajaj Jaljira, etc are some of the renowned products of the brand. And are really enjoyed by its customers.

Another amazing feature of its digestive products is that they are available in easy to consume and enjoyable, candy form.

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