Compression Garments

Made of tight, elastic clothing with an engineered compression gradient, compression garments for legs and arms can be worn on limbs, upper, lower, or even full body. They work by applying pressure on the surface of needed body zones in order to stabilize, compress, and support the underlying tissues.

Available in different types like compression stockings, compression leg sleeves, arm sleeves, and even shorts, It improves blood circulation to provide more effective blood flow to the affected area to fasten the recovery process.

Using this after liposuction helps reduce postoperative swelling associated with liposuction while reducing excessive fluid build-up, fastening the recovery process. In addition, they serves as a key component in a liposuction recovery process.

For Hypertrophic Scarring, It helps provide pressure over the healing burns and grafts thus, protecting the fragile skin and promoting better circulation to the damaged tissues.

Also, there are compression garment for chest, which are used in cases of breast surgery. Wearing it helps your body adapt to its new streamlined shape and reduces the risk of skin developing a lax and also prevents scarring.

At TabletShablet, we have different kinds of compression garments for legs, arms that can effectively treat your pain and inflammation. We have some known brands like Tynor, Samson and Flamingo.


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