Ayurveda has been around us for about 5,000-years. It is known for its natural healing with its roots tracing back to the Vedic culture of India. Our skin has always been our biggest concern when talking about what products to use on them, without any side effects. Not all ayurvedic products available assures effective results without any reactions or allergies. So TabletShablet, after searching the market for best ayurvedic Skin Care Products, brings to you Kumkumadi.


It is a product of Vasu Healthcare, a privately owned Indian Company. It involves in manufacture & marketing of Phyto-Pharmaceutical Therapeutics, OTC, Personal Care and Herbal Supplements, since 1980. Its main focus is on patented formulations of herbal/ayurvedic origin. All Vasu products are exported to 41 countries around the world.

Kumkumadi Tailam is one of Vasu’s leading product and is known for its ayurvedic recipe. With Saffron as its main component, it lightens the skin complexion. It helps get rid of scars, wrinkles, suntan, pimples, blemishes and uneven patches. Enriched with a blend of oils and renowned Ayurvedic herbs, it provides spotless, blemish-free skin.

Vasu Uva Insta Glow Cream contains a specially formulated non-greasy base and a pleasant fragrance. Free from parabens, silicones and mineral oil, it is suitable for all skin types. It helps to revitalize and nourish your skin.

In order to provide you perfectly, radiant skin, TabletShablet gives exciting discounts on skin care products during the KumKumadi sale.

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