Heating Pad

Whether it’s a sprain, aching muscles, or sore neck or back. The first solution that comes to mind for instant pain relief is Heating pad. It works by applying heat to the affected area and thereby, reduces pain. They are can be used for all kinds of pain like heating pad for back pain, neck pain, sore muscles, etc.

A quick and easy way to reduce pain and inflammation, heating pad increases the blood flow to the painful areas. Applying heat to the sore areas opens up the blood vessels, which increases the blood and oxygen flow to the affected area.

There is a variety of heating pads on our website like heating pad with gel and electric ones. The gel in it is waterproof and rapidly warms up the pad and circulates the heat evenly throughout the pad.

The advantage of using an electric heating pad is that it can be used anywhere in the home, such as lying in bed or sitting on the couch.

Also, they are from known brands like Vissco, AccuSure, Saracare, Tynor, etc.

For women and girls who experiences painful cramps during the menstruation, they can use heating pad for cramps relief.

Nowadays, heating pad have built-in Thermostat, which allows the user to adjust the heat level according to his need and intensity of the pain.

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