Mouth Wash/ Freshners

Oral Health is something we always take for granted, even when we shouldn’t. Most of our health is related to our oral health. One of the many signs of having bad oral hygiene is bad mouth odour. Which can be a cause of social embarrassment. And the perfect option to get rid of bad mouth odour is to maintain good oral care hygiene through mouth freshner and mouthwash.

Bad Mouth odour is caused by food particles that are left in the mouth. Their breakdown caused by bacteria produces sulfur compounds, which causes bad breath.

A mouthwash liquid works by removing germs from the mouth and provides protection against germ build-up.

A mouthwash, also called oral rinse, is a liquid used to rinse your teeth, gums, and mouth. There are various mouthwash products used.

Some of its common uses are: it Fights away plaque, bad breath and gum problems.

We have a wide range of mouthwash for kids, and adults from known brands like Listerine, Freshclor, Hexidine, Colgate, Adven Naturals, Himalaya, Inventz, SBL, Sensodent, etc.

A Mouth Freshner helps in fighting bad breath and keeps the mouth fresh and clean all day long. It’s better than chewing gum as it can affect your teeth and is inconvenient to chew and then throw the gum anywhere.

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