Medicines for Fungal Infections

Nowadays, fungal infection of skin is one of the most common dermatological problems worldwide. Maintaining healthy skin is important for a healthy body. There are millions of species of fungi. They live in the dirt, on plants, on household surfaces, and on your skin sometimes. They can lead to general skin problems like rashes or bumps.

Fungal infections can be uncomfortable or even painful. In some cases, they can take weeks or months to effectively treat. Fungal infection can be Contagious. They can spread from one person to another. In other cases, fungi that are normally present on or inside your body can multiply out of control and cause an infection.


  •       Irritation
  •       Scaly skin
  •       Redness
  •       Itching
  •       Swelling


Fungal skin infections can happen anywhere on your body. Some of the most common are Athlete’s foot, Jock, Ringworm, and yeast infection etc.

There are several types of antifungal infection medicines available to fight fungal infection. As TabletShablet selling all types of antifungal infection products which are as mentioned below:

  •       Antifungal infection creams like Vasu Cutis cream, natural composition of powerful antiseptic and antifungal.
  •      Antifungal infection spray like Himalaya Scavon Spray, which prevents the growth of fungus.
  •       Antifungal infection lotion used to treat fungal infection of the skin.
  •       Antifungal infection tablets like Montair Fx tablets.
  •       Antifungal vaginal cream supports vaginal health and protects from infection with potent antifungal and antibacterial properties. It prevents and controls a range of infections like candida and yeast.
  •       Antifungal Shampoo, which contains Ketoconazole, is sometimes used to treat scalp fungal infections and certain skin conditions.

Tabletshablet provides a range of Antifungal infection medicines from known brands like Vasu, Bobby Herbals, Charak, Himalaya, Sri Sri Ayurveda, Vasu Healthcare.

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