Intimate Wash & Wipes

There are was a time but women intimate hygiene is a topic of misconceptions and hush whispers. But the time has changed and so does the women. They now take their intimate care to the utmost care. And as the time has changed, the companies have now started focusing on manufacturing a range of intimate wash products and also intimate wipes.

Using soap or products that you use on the rest of the body, to clean the vagina, can actually cause or aggravate issues such as odour, dryness or recurrent infections by upsetting the pH balance of the vagina and intimate area.

So, it is important to use intimate washes that are made specifically for the intimate area. TabletShablet has a wide of intimate wash for men and women, from brands like Pee Safe, V Wash, Vigini, TNW, etc.

The biggest concern with intimate care products is that the safety of them is extremely important and often make people wary of trying any new product. That, gives the companies the idea to manufacture some of the best natural feminine wash and wipes.

For people, who are not comfortable with intimate washes can go for Intimate wipes like Pee Safe natural intimate wipes, V Wash Plus Wipes, V Bathe Wipes, etc.

These wipes clean the intimate area by wiping it from front to back.

Also, you can go for Pee Safe personal hygiene kit, for the complete intimate hygiene care. It contains a wide range of products like Biodegradable panty liners, Natural Intimate Wash for women, Intimate wipes, Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On and Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray.

Explore the wide range of intimate wash and intimate wipes online at Tabletshablet. And get them at exciting deals and discounts.


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