Nephrology Medicines

What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is a claim to fame of grown-up inner medication and pediatric drugs that worry the investigation of the kidneys, explicitly typical kidney capacities and kidney sickness, the conservation of kidney wellbeing, and the therapy of kidney infection and medication to renal substitution treatment.

Let’s start with the basics! Hopefully, learning about the basics will make the kidneys a bit easier to understand. 

Size and location in the body:

The kidneys are bean-shaped and the size of your fist. They lie in the middle of the back, on each side of the spine. As you already know, there are two kidneys in our body. Among other things, they are responsible for the water and the filtering of toxins. 

Did you already know?
  •         Your kidneys work 24 hours per day.
  •         All of the blood is filtered about 300 times throughout the day if the kidneys are healthcare. 
  •         On average, about 1,500 litres of blood flow through the kidneys a day. 
Why are the kidneys important?
  •         Kidneys remove excess water and waste products and put them in urine.
  •         Influence hormonal balance.
  •         Affects blood pressure.
  •         Affects bone stability. 
Disease under Nephrology:

Nephrology deals with the study of the normal working of the kidneys as well as its diseases. The diseases that come under the scope of Nephrology includes:

  •         Kidney and bladder stones.
  •         Kidney infections.
  •         Renal failure. 
  •         Renal vascular disease.
  •         Acid base imbalance.
  •         Effects of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure on kidneys etc. 

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