Nowadays, people have been concerned a lot about their healthcare issues. Indeed, because health is the most precious asset, we have as a human being. To match the fast running, busy world and its modern society, we need something quick and easy, a reliable brand for our health related problems. Who is dedicated to create advance technology, bringing the ease to use at home. Vertech health solutions India private limited provides quality health devices within the brand, Perfecxa.

Ensuring its popularity and high quality products, along with India, the company has also focused exploring the international audience, with a team of professionally trained experts.

Perfecxa: Bringing Health in the Best Way

TabletShablet brings healthcare devices, in a variety of ranges, at a very reasonable price to your doorsteps. It provides BP monitor, weight measure machine, thermometer, Oximeter, and lot more.

For respiratory related disorders, we have Nebulizer, which is a drug delivery device, used to give certain medication, in the form of a mist inhaled into lungs, through the mouth. Perfecxa Nebulizer has all that quality to be trusted. Providing its consumer, latex free accessories, with five filters and detachable wire for easy manage. Making it ideal for adult and pediatric use, with long durability products.

High blood pressure can cause health issues, which are hard to manage and can enhance existing problems more. Perfecxa blood pressure monitor, helps you to tame your blood pressure, using easy to use, automatic deflate and pulse rate display. Detecting the movement and converting into digital reading.


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