OTC | Over the Counter Medicines
We are all familiar with the concept of using Conventional medications prescribed by the doctor. But, the concept of OTC drugs is totally opposite. Medications that are safe for the general public without seeking treatment by a doctor are referred to as Over-the-counter medicine (OTC).

Whenever you use these medicines, reading the drug’s label is extremely important for taking care of yourself and your family. This label will tell you what’s the purpose of the medicine, who shouldn’t take it, and how to use it. The labelling behind every OTC medicine always contain usage and safety information for consumers safety.

These medicines are often used to treat ailments like aches and pains, coughs and colds, fever, allergies, skin disorders, and heartburn and other digestive problems. And the reasons behind the popularity of the OTC Medicines are that they are convenient, readily available in groceries as well as pharmacies.

And these medicines are less expensive than going to the doctor and perhaps paying for a costly prescription. They are safe if used appropriately, for an indicated condition in the proper dosage and no longer than the recommended time.
For all your Health Related Issues…
TabletShablet offers a wide range of OTC Medicines Online, to help you better take care of yourself. These drugs are completely safe to use. And ranges from cough and cold medicines, heartburn, and can also be used for OTC Medicine for constipation.

From common sicknesses, Medicine for cold and fever will help you get rid of that stubborn cold of yours. And not just cold but also fever can be cured with the medicine. For people who have constant heartburn problem that doesn’t go away, our OTC Medicine for chest pain is the perfect solution for you.

There are options like Medicine for headache, to get rid of unbearable headaches and constant throbbing in the head. OTC Medicine for vomiting is recommended for vomiting regardless of the reason. To ease the heaviness in the chest, gastric pain or problems related to gas, we provide OTC Medicine for gas. We offer a wide range of medications to get rid of any other health-related problem of yours.


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