Back and Abdomen Brace / Support Belt

Support aids just like its name provides physical support to your injury. Back & Abdomen Brace & Support belt helps support the area after an injury or surgery, to fasten the recovery process and provides immobilization to reduce any further damage.

There can be many causes to a back pain like poor posture, muscle weakening, but the pain itself is unbearable and common in those causes. There are different kinds of lower back pain relief products in the market that helps treat and relieve back pain of various conditions.

Back supports like Contoured L.S. Belt, Lumbo Sacral Belt, provides effective relief from back pain and can be used for back pain relief for pregnancy as well, as they can be manually adjusted. For these back supports, you can sort through different brands like Vissco, Tynor, AccuSure and Flamingo.

Abdomen braces can be of different kinds like stomach binders, braces, girdles, belts, and trusses, etc. These Back & Abdomen Brace & Support help provide pain relief from any stomach injury and also helps hold the stomach in, in cases of any stomach surgery or for reducing the belly.

TabletShablet has a wide range of Abdomen pain relief products like Rib belt, Tummy Trimmer, Corset, Abdominal belt, Abdominal support, etc. Sort through top brands like Tynor, Vissco, Flamingo and AccuSure, to get the product you want.


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