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Top Asked Women’s Intimate Hygiene Questions

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Today, we are going to address all the issues related to Women’s personal intimate hygiene. However, personal hygiene is important for both men and women. While talking about women, there are some hushed whispers and conversations that are not properly addressed.

So, we are going to discuss all those private questions and I will try to come up with a proper solution for them (definitely by researching).

You would have come across to one of these following issues once in your life. And sometimes asking about them is difficult and embarrassing (not for everyone). Have a look further, maybe you can get a solution for your issue as well.

What is Personal Hygiene?

This is the most basic yet important question, you should know what personal hygiene is first! It is not just about brushing, bathing and body odour. Especially for women, extra care is needed to maintain their feminine hygiene.

Female Intimate Hygiene

A word of advice, make sure what ingredients are in your intimate care products. Sometimes, it will only cause some dangerous disease or cause an allergic reaction.

How Do You Ensure Proper Personal Hygiene?

Personal Hygiene is a proper way of life. It helps us to stay protected from diseases. Following are the tips to keep in mind while trying to maintain good intimate hygiene:

Cleansing: It is important to keep your vagina protected against infections. But excessive washing is also not good, as it will remove the natural discharges that keep it protected.

V Wash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

Clothing options: It is necessary to select the proper material for your undergarments. As it is the most sensitive region of your body.

Cotton underpants are highly recommended. Avoid wearing leather pants, spandex for a long time. Do not wear wet bathing suits after use.

Maintain menstrual care: During menstruation, often women try to take extra care by using scented products. However, what they can do is to cleanse the genitalia with warm water and soap just like on normal days.

What are the Diseases caused by Female Intimate Hygiene?

Nowadays, there are a variety of products available in the market for women intimate care. But, who is to know that these products can cause some serious health issues.

• Vulvovaginal infection
• Bacterial vaginosis
• Vaginal Yeast infections
• Vulvovaginal itching

Is Douching Safe?

Your body knows how to take care of it. In the case of the genitalia area, it self-cleans and produces some discharge that helps get rid of germs and bacteria. You can also try using baby wipes, in cases of necessity.

So, douching is definitely not safe, as it washes away the good bacteria. And disrupts the natural vaginal pH balance and causes irritation. Stick with warm water and mild soap on the vulva.


Is using Deodorant or Scented Products in Intimate areas Safe?

I can assume that you all know that these deodorants and fragrant products contain chemicals and some unknown ingredients. So, how come is it safe to use them on your vagina, as it is the most sensitive area.

I am telling you girls please do not use these products, they will only cause some serious problems. Just regularly clean yourself up with warm water and that’s it!


How Often to Change Pads?

As often as it takes to prevent overflow or to the level of bad hygiene. Sometimes, it also depends on your flow.

Personal Hygiene

But has to be changed frequently. Ideally, you should change it every 4 hours, in case of no availability of toilets you can change twice a day at least.


How to Ensure Rash free Periods?

As it is not enough that we have cramps and mood swings, sometimes poor hygiene can give us an additional problem. Dealing with rashes can take your pain to another level.

Following Tips can help you to have a Rash Free Period:

• Change your pads regularly.
• No matter how trendy skinny jeans are, try to stick with loose clothing during your periods.
• Keep yourself dry and moisture-free.
• Pay attention to intimate hygiene.

• To avoid any infection, you can try PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray while using public toilets.

If you got any other hygiene tips or questions? Share them in the comments section below. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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