Urbana Superfoods Kale Smoothie Mix 225GM

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  • Product Name: Urbana Superfoods Kale Smoothie Mix 225GM

    PACK SIZE: The KALE 225 gm pack contains 6 sachets of 7.5 gms each.
    FEATURES: Green leafy vegetables (GLV) are great for human health as it provides with a blend of nutrients with least possible calories. Most of the green leafy vegetables belong to family brassica. Kale is also one such green leafy vegetable that provides consumers with a multitude of nutrients. Kale is a non-indigenous GLV that is gaining widespread popularity in India due to its inherent nutritional content. Nowadays Kale is being cultivated in India in temperate areas or during winters. Compared to other GLVs, Kale has a violet color tint to its leaves due to its anthocyanin content which adds to its antioxidant properties. Kale is a low calorie (100 g kale provides on 36 Kcal) nutrient-dense vegetable that can be consumed in various processed and semi-processed forms. It is filled with micronutrients that provide various health improving and disease-preventing benefits.

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    CONTENT: The content are as follows:

    ¢€¢ Vitamin K¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦684%
    ¢€¢ Vitamin A¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦206%
    ¢€¢ Vitamin C¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦…134%
    ¢€¢ Manganese¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦26%
    ¢€¢ Calcium & Potassium¢€¦¢€¦.9%
    ¢€¢ Iron & Magnesium¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦¢€¦6%

    USES: It is used as Antioxidant, Fiber, Carotenoid & Folic acid.


    ¢€¢ Kale is rich in beta-carotene that is pro-vitamin A. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant and can prevent many lifestyle diseases as cancer, hypercholesterolemia, obesity etc. vitamin A is also an essential nutrient for eyes and prevents night blindness.
    ¢€¢ As kale is low calorie and high satiety food, it prevents obesity
    ¢€¢ Like all GLVs kale is rich in minerals specifically iron that aids in improving the hemoglobin level of consumer thereby preventing anemia. In India 50% of women are found to be anemic and thus consumption of kale can bring about the change in hemoglobin level of Indian women. Other essential minerals such as folate, magnesium are also present in kale that helps in strengthening the bone structure of consumers. These minerals prevent osteoporosis and maintain fluid balance in human body.
    ¢€¢ Kale is one such vegetable that is rich in both carotenoids and anthocyanin that boosts its antioxidant potential. This aids in preventing and curing (as support to medicine) morbidity diseases such as cancer, coronary heart diseases, atherosclerosis etc.
    ¢€¢ Kale also aids in the breakdown of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol).
    ¢€¢ Kale is rich in Vitamin C that augments the immune system as well as helps patients with bone and muscular pains.
    ¢€¢ Kale is very rich in fiber and thus helps consumers suffering from chronic constipation and other digestion issues. The fiber content of kale remains undigested and adds to the mass of fecal matter to help egestion. The indigestible fiber also acts as prebiotic in colon region and supports the growth of health-promoting microflora of the intestine.

    SHELF LIFE: The Kale Powder has a long shelf life of 9 months and can be easily consumed.

    The product is to be used as per manufacturer.

    Weight 0.045 kg

    Krish perennials Pvt Ltd


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