Ypsomed My Life Unio Test Blood Glucose Monitoring Strips

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This is used for the check the presence of Glucose in the blood. This give  maximum precision and accuracy in results.

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PRODUCT NAME: Ypsomed My Life Unio Test Blood Glucose Monitoring Strips
PACK SIZE: 2 bottles containing 25 strips each
MyLife Unio Test Strips are user-friendly which can be used for the checking of  the sugar in blood. This is very  simple & easy to use.  This monitor the sugar levels in the blood in effective way. This give maximum precision and accuracy in results. These test strips are extremely safe and rapid in blood absorption within few seconds. These can be removed safely without blood contact. This give high measurement. This is convenience to use.


  • This have Hygienic changeable test strips without blood contact.
  • This have Large and solid test strip for easy grip.
  • Due to its stiffness, the test strip can be inserted easily (no bending)
  • This have Auto coding properties.
  • This test strip visually indicates and an audio signal confirms when enough blood has been applied.

How to use test strips :

Removing the test strip

Take out the large and solid test strip out of its vial and close the box again.

Inserting test strip

The device get activates automatically and recognises the strip code (Autocoding).

Extracting blood

In this holding down the safety button, gently push against the fingertip. This is Precise and almost painless .The lancing have the automatic load and release function.



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