VASU Simlim – Scientifically weight management (60 Capsules)

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Treatment of general obesity, Pot-Belly Obesity, Post- Delivery Obesity.

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Product Name: VASU Simlim – Scientifically weight management (60 Capsules)

Pack Size: 60 Capsules

Vasu Simlim Capsule used for weight management in scientific way.

Composition :

The Therapeutic benefits? of the following ingredients:

  1. Gugglu :
    Has proven hypolipidermic/cholesterol lowering properties. Has direct action on fat metabolism and helps reduce weight.
  2. Kokam:
    Limits synthesis of fatty acids in muscles and liver. Helps in reduction of fat production. It contains hydroxyl citric acid which decreases the rate of conversion of excessive carbohydrates into fats thereby significantly reducing the weight, body lipid, and appetite.
  3. Allium Sativum :
    Garlic has been used for reduction in the hardening of the Arteries(Atherosclerosis), high cholesterol and circulation problems.

Benefits? :

  • Simlim is researched herbal product, which can be safely used for weight loss because it has no side effects.
  • Simlim helps to reduce body weight by reducing craving for food, it reduces the intake of fats and carbohydrates in the diet. However, it maintains nutritional balance. It helps by decreasing fat accumulation in the body.

Indications? :

  • Obesity, Reduction in excess fat, Reduction in excessive craving for food or sugar and maintain normal shape of body
  • General obesity, Pot-Belly Obesity, Post- Delivery Obesity.

Dosage : 2 Capsule twice a day for 3 month followed by maintenance dose of 1 Cap twice a day for 6 month.

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Use under medical supervision

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Vasu Healthcare

Vasu Healthcare

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