Sri Sri Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets

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  • It promotes sleep and helps to deal with stress
  • Helps to balance the nervous system
  • Restores energy and strength
  • Helps to delay premature ageing


(1 customer review)
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    PRODUCT NAME: Sri Sri Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets

    PACK SIZE: The bottle contains 60 tablets.


    Sri Sri Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets is an Ayurvedic and herbal medicine, which helps in treating Vata rogas. It contains natural ingredients like ashwagandha, Amalaki, Shatavari, etc. that helps treat anxiety, leucoderma, depression, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, immunity. In addition, it also acts as a potent Aphrodisiac. 

    Its natural ingredients are:

    1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): This herb is one of the most powerful and effective herbs used in Ayurveda medicine. It is also known as an ‘Adaptogen’ i.e. helps the body to manage stress. In addition, Ashwagandha lowers blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression.
    2. Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica): Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amalaki is a powerful Rasayana. It promotes longevity and improves the health of the blood, bones, digestive system, liver, and skin. Additionally, Amalaki possesses cooling properties that help soothe pitta (one of the three doshas).
    3. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus): a member of the asparagus family, Shatavari has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Also, it boosts immunity, relieves cough and acts as a Diuretic.
    • Ayurvedic and herbal medicine
    • Maintains overall health
    • No side effects
    • Treats Fertility issues in both males and females 
    • Lowers blood sugar levels
    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Also treats insomnia and sleep disorder
    • Help treat Vata rogas, etc.

    Take 1 tablet twice a day, after food or as directed by the physician.


    Used as directed by the physician. Take on medical advice during pregnancy. Keep in a cool and dry place. Away from sunlight.

    Use Under Medical Supervision


    Sri Sri Ayurveda

    Weight0.05 kg
    Dimensions18 × 11 × 10 cm
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    Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust

    1 review for Sri Sri Ayurveda Ashwagandha Tablets

    1. gopal rai

      acha hai ye itne price me or kaam b acha he krta hai 2 mahine se daily ek tablet khara hu achi chij hai lelo

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