Lacteva Granules 200g

Lacteva Granules improve lactational inadequacy in lactating mothers. It is  indicated for nursing mothers with deficient milk secretion.

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    Product Name: Lacteva Granules

    Pack Size: 200g

    Lacteva Granules: Mother’s milk is the most nutritious, healthiest and the purest of all meals. Not only does it provide complete and wholesome nutrition to the infant, but breastfeeding also nurtures and strengthens a special bond between the mother and the child. Normally, the production and supply of the milk is in direct proportion to the demand, but in some cases the quantity of milk produced is not sufficient to meet the demand, primarily due to some medical conditions like excessive blood loss during birth or somebody with a history of pcod.

    In such cases where the supply is less compared to the demand, the doctors recommend the intake of galactogogues. Most of the lactonic granules recommended are herbal preparations and help in increasing the production of breast milk.

    These granules are very commonly prescribed to working mothers since they need to pump and store the milk for the baby. Lacteva Granules is one such product which is a herbal preparation and it has the following composition.

    Each 100gm of Lacteva Granules contains:

    • 15g Shatavari, 2.5 g Gokshur, 1g Soya, 1g Yashtimadhu, 1g Jeera
    • A completely herbal preparation it has great benefits.
    Lacteva Granules Benefits

    Lacteva Granules is an herbal product and it

    • It helps to increase breast milk production.
    • Enhances lactational ability.
    • Absolutely safe for the mother as well as the baby.
    • Increases milk production, the most nutritious meal for the baby.
    • Ideal for working mothers.

    Lacteva granules are to be taken 2 teaspoonful (approx. 10g), twice daily with a glass of milk as long as you breast feed.


    None, since it is herbal it is absolutely safe for the mother and the baby.

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    Use Under Medical Supervision

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