Falcy Out Pills

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Provide needed nutrition and control the growth of facial hair.

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PRODUCT NAME: Falcy Out Pills

PACK SIZE: The pack is of 30 PILLS.

FEATURES: The product is a combination of 2 supplements for facial hair reduction and hair loss.

  • Facial hair reduction in PCOD Female and in women after Menopause.
  • Facial hair and hair loss is a common problem among women as we are growing
  • older or if suffering from Irregular Period or PCOD.
  • Provide the much-needed nutrition and control the growth of facial hair.
  • It helps in reducing signs of PCOD like Hirsutism, Virilism etc
  • Supplement for Reduction of Hirsutism

CONTENT: The product contains Frankincense oil, Citronella oil, Neem oil and other essential oil.

USES: It is used in the treatment of:

  1. PCOD
  2. Hirsutism
  3. Virilism
  4. Facial Hair and Hair

USAGE: Take 1 to 2 pills a day after food for 3 to 6 months or as advised by Nutritionist or Dietician.

This product is to be used as mentioned by the manufacturer or as directed by the physician.

Use Under Medical Supervision

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