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Customized Cervical Pillow: Now, Say Goodnight to Neck Problems

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When it comes to Pillows, we don’t give them enough credit for or just sleep on their importance. Their contribution is a lot more than sleep because a wrong pillow can give you a neck problem or worsen it. But, that problem can be solved if you have a Customized cervical pillow, which is made according to your measurements.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how having a custom made pillow can prevent you from having any neck problem.

Because when buying a pillow, it’s almost impossible to find the right one as it would either be too hard or too soft. And both of them can be a reason for neck pain or problem.

A pillow that is too firm or high does not allow your neck to relax fully during sleep whereas the one that is too flat also puts a strain on your neck.

Problems with pillows
Problems with pillows

To make sure that you have the right pillow, see that it is of the right height and firmness of your size, sleeping position, and personal preferences.

Choosing the Right Pillow for Your Sleeping Position:

Sleeping position is one of the major factors to consider when selecting a pillow.


Because, when the pillow is in accordance with your sleeping position, it is less likely to cause neck or other pain, or not worsening the existing one.

Each sleeping position requires a particular type of pillow. And some of these examples are:

Right Pillow for Your Sleeping
Right Pillow for Your Sleeping
  • Sleeping on your back:

People who sleep on their back should use a rounded pillow along with a flat pillow cushioning the head, as it helps support the natural curve of their neck. Also, memory foam pillows are another best option for them.

Avoid using too high or stiff pillow, as it keeps the neck flexed for the whole night, which can result in neck pain and stiffness.

  • Sleeping on the side:

For people who sleep on their sides, it is advised to have a higher pillow, as it can align the neck and head straight over the shoulders.

Also, you can try resting your one arm on a pillow and adding a pillow between your knees, as it helps provide additional support to the spine.

  • Sleeping on your stomach:

It is advised not to sleep on your stomach, as it can strain your neck muscles, making them feel sore and stiff in the morning. When sleeping on your stomach, your neck can stay twisted to one side for hours.

Even though it is tough to change your sleeping position at this stage, but with the side effects of it, you can definitely try.

Make sure to change your sleeping position to either on your back or on the side.

Neckfit Customized Pillow for Cervical Pain

While shopping for shoes, garments, rings, and other accessories, we make sure that it is according to our size but why shouldn’t we do the same with pillows.

Using the right pillow not only ensures good night sleep but also supports the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine.

The pillow should perfectly adjust to one’s shape, curves, and sleeping position. And that’s where customized pillow come.

Neckfit, a brand of customized pillows, ensures that you get your very own custom made pillow. There are 4 different kinds of Neckfit pillows, each carrying different features, to fulfil your personal preferences and be a perfect fit for your neck.

The different types of Neckfit Pillows are:

Neckfit Classic:

Neckfit Classic
Neckfit Classic

This pillow is suitable for people who have a shallow or flat neck curve or haven’t been using a pillow for quite some time.

It helps support your neck while you are lying flat and your head is at the same level with your shoulder.

It has a stitching intersection in the middle that allows your head to rest on the bed. And when you turn to your side, the Neckfit classic pillow gently elevates your head and keeps it higher than your neck.

You can use this Classic Cervical pillow for neck pain, shoulder and back pain, as the thickness of the pillow, fits with the depth of Lordotic (Neck) Curve.

Neckfit Sorpresa:

Neckfit Sorpresa
Neckfit Sorpresa

Sorpresa pillow is for people who have a deep neck curve, as it offers an Occipital-rest that helps support the deep curve in the neck.

The pillow has stitching across its length and width, making a ‘+’ sign in the Center that has a small cushion on it, adding a little height to rest your head on. The pillow is made up of an Exclusive Quilted Fabric, making it extremely soft and comfortable.

With its slightly raised headrest, Neckfit Sorpresa Pillow makes sure that people of deeper neck curve suffering from neck pain, shoulder, back or low back pain, get a sound night sleep.

Neckfit Plus:

Neckfit Plus
Neckfit Plus

With the Stitching intersection forming a ‘0’ in the middle, Neckfit Plus pillow is the perfect one for people with curvaceous necks. The middle intersection of the pillow ensures that your head rests at the same level as your shoulders while sleeping on your back.

When sleeping on the side, the pillow ensures that your head and neck are raised thereby, maintaining the perfect spinal posture.

Neckfit Island:

Neckfit Island
Neckfit Island

This customized cervical pillow has a small cushion in the middle, which allows your head to rest about an inch above the surface of your bed. The thickness of the pillow relates to the broadness of your shoulder, the right pillow for people with a shallow neck from the back.

The unique design of the pillow maintains the correct posture while sleeping and also ensures that your neck and spine are perfectly aligned.

At TabletShablet, you can find all the different kinds of Neckfit customized cervical pillow. Now, get your own custom made pillow, the one that suits you the best without causing any problems.

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