Tips on How to Improve Your Eyesight

Tips on How to Improve Your Eyesight?

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Our Eyes serves as a window to see this world and all the beautiful things in it. We have often heard this phrase or something around it. It is so very true. And the person who have a weaker eyesight knows true value of this phase. Not only they have to deal with that, but also the constant weight of glasses and lenses on their eyes. And all they wonder is there any way to improve your eyesight?

Being a lens/ glasses user myself, I know the hassle of interchanging between glasses and lenses every day and let’s not forget dark circles and saggy eyes.

Our lifestyle that includes less sleeping and more working, puts a lot of strain on our eyes. And the constant presence of gadgets and technology around us doesn’t help our case at all.

People who have been recently suggested glasses or who don’t have that much weaker eyesight. They have the opportunity to improve their eyesight more effectively than people with much weaker eyesight.

While growing up, we have often heard that doing this or eating this will improve your eye power. So, let’s find out what are those things and see if they really are effective in improving the eye vision.

Tips on how to improve eyesight naturally at home

improve eyesight naturally at home

Just like every other body part, our eyes also need constant care and attention. And the lack of it leads to a weaker eyesight or other eye problems.

There a lot of questions that people with often asks or wonders like how to improve your eyesight when you have glasses? Is it possible to get rid of glasses naturally? And many more.

The answer is simple, we have to give priority to our eyes and definitely change our lifestyle like limit the use of gadgets. For people with glasses or weaker eyesight, there is still time, you can improve your eye power. And if not, you can at least stop it from getting weaker all the more.

Some of the really helpful eye care tips are:

  1. Eat healthy, balanced diet rich in antioxidants and vitamin A
Eat healthy, balanced diet

There is no better remedy than a diet that is filled essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. And the same goes with eye care.

Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods like, salmon, sardines, walnut, and flaxseed oil, are all really good for the eyes and promote eye health. Those gelatin-based fish oil supplements in the market also help too!

Most of our diet includes fruits and vegetables and some of them are especially good for the eyes like:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Red peppers
  • Sweet potato
  • Citrus.

And don’t forget the Eggs, they help too!

  1. Protect your Eyes from the Sun’s UV radiation
Protect your Eyes from the Sun’s UV radiation

Yes, it’s not just the skin that needs sun protection, your eyes need it too. Extended exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays not only affects your vision but can also cause sunburned eyes, Cataract, Photokeratitis, etc.

Wear sunglasses, whenever you go out in the sun and that way you can protect your eyes and manage your style statement at the same time.

Look for those sunglasses that blocks out 99 to 100 percent of the UVA and UVB radiation from sunlight.

Also, after long-time exposure to the sun, treat your eye with an eye cool pack like Samson Cool Eyes that provides relief to the eyes. The cooling effect of the pack calms down irritation in the eyes and helps you relax.

  1. Apply the 20-20-20 Eye Rule
20-20-20 Eye Rule

One of the best ways to relax your eyes other than sleeping is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Looking at your computer screen continuously for a longer time, puts a great strain to your eyes. And that’s where the rule comes!

It goes like for every 20 minutes; you should stop staring at your computer/gadget and look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Do not Smoke and Quit the Habit
Do not Smoke

Now, most of you would that smoking can lead to heart diseases, lung cancer, etc. But, did you know that it also can lead to vision loss? Yes, smoking is also linked to eye damage and increases the risk of eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

So, in order to maintain your eye health and maintain your eye vision, you should quit this dangerous habit of yours.

To know more about how to quit smoking, check our blog: 4 Easy and Effective Ways to Quit Smoking.

  1. Get Enough Night Sleep
Get Enough Night Sleep

A good night sleep is said to be really helpful for the overall body. It not only improves your mood but also relaxes your sleep.

Nowadays, we take sleep for so granted that sleeping for just 3-4 hours a day seems to be enough for a lot of people. And that’s where they are wrong. Even though it doesn’t seem to be that important, loss of good sleep for a long time brings many problems.

Coming to the eyes, a proper night sleep relieves the strain of the eyes and decreases tired eyes. And therefore, it helps in maintaining and improving eyesight.

Apart from all those tips, Ayurvedic medicines do help too. In order to improve eyesight, Ayurvedic medicines like Isotine eye drops, also shows effective results. It’s an Ayurvedic eye drop that contains herbs and bhasmas, which provide relief from eye stress, computer strain. And helps in the improvement of eye vision. 

At Tabletshablet, you can find different ranges of Isotine eye drops and also at effective deals and discounts.

I hope you guys find the above tips helpful to you. And if you do then, like and share the blog among friends and family. Feel free to us give any suggestions, by writing in the comment section.

FAQs on How to Improve your eyesight:

Which foods improve eyesight?

Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods like, salmon, sardines, walnut and flaxseed oil, are all really good for the eyes. Other than that, Eggs, Carrots, Spinach, Strawberries, Broccoli, Sweet potato, Red peppers, etc. are some of the foods that also helps improve eyesight.

Can eyesight be improved?

Yes, it can be. Following a proper diet, performing some eye exercises and various other eye care tips can definitely help improve your eyesight and prevents it from getting weaker.

How to improve your eyesight when you have glasses?

For people with glasses or weaker eyesight, there is still time, you can improve your eye power. And if not, you can at least stop it from getting weaker all the more by following eye care tips like, protect your Eyes from the Sun’s UV radiation, Apply the 20-20-20 Eye Rule, Get Enough Night Sleep, and more.

How to improve your eyesight naturally fast?

One can improve their eyesight fast by following effective eye care tips like, Apply the 20-20-20 Eye Rule, Get Enough Night Sleep, eat healthy and balanced diet rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, Protect your Eyes from the Sun’s UV radiation, etc.

Can carrots improve your eyesight?

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that is essential for good vision. Eating carrots will provide you with the amount of vitamin A needed for good vision. Therefore, eating it can help improve eyesight.

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