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Face Mask with Shield: For A Better Protection from COVID-19

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With Coronavirus showing no signs of mercy, it is now up to us people to further enhance our protection against the COVID-19. While earlier, face masks were seen as the go-to for the coronavirus protection, there is now a need for stronger protection. Which leads to the higher demand of Face Mask with Shield.

Face masks do help prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection. But they can irritate the skin, fog glasses, and can become hot. Which make people all the more convinced to opt for face shields. And for people who wants a more advanced protection, they can use face shields with mask.

A face shield is a clear plastic barrier that covers the entire face. It provides optimal protection and extends below the chin and up to the ears. The shield ensures that the entire face is covered and no gap in between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. 

Even though, face shields are not as popularly promoted as face masks, there is much more evidence supporting their use.

So, let’s see how effective they can be for COVID-19 protection?

How helpful is Face Shield for Coronavirus Protection?

Face Shield for Coronavirus Protection

Plastic face shields offer another means of protection against COVID-19. And because a shield extends down from the forehead, it not only protects the eyes but the nose and mouth as well.

A face shield prevents the person from touching his own face which isn’t exactly possible with face masks. And is also more comfortable to wear for longer period of times.

The production of Face shields requires no special materials. Therefore, a lot of companies like Apple, Nike, have started manufacturing them.

And according to a recent editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association, when worn within 18 inches of a cough, a face shield reduces the viral exposure by 96%.

Being reusable, it can be used multiple times by cleaning with water and soap or disinfectants. And proves to be affordable for a lot of people.

The best part of using a face shield is that it allows others to see their expressions or read their lips without taking it off, making communication easier and infection-free!

Some of the Best face shields (PPE)

With the updated Coronavirus protection Equipment’s, Tabletshablet has also updated its Coronavirus protection products with a range of face shield online in India.

And some of the best face mask with shields are:

  • 3 Ply Face Mask with Shield
3 Ply Face Mask With Shield

It’s a non-woven fabric face mask with an anti-fog, optically clear face shield, that protects the entire face. It prevents the entry of viruses, germs, and bacteria, through the nose and mouth.

The mask has three layers, the first one is a hydrophobic layer that prevents the entry of water, blood, and body fluids. The second layer is a filter layer that filters out bacteria and water droplets while the third layer (innermost layer), which helps absorb water, sweat, and spit. In addition, this face mask with a shield also offers a fluid protection barrier.

Special Features of it are:

  • A disposable face mask with a face shield for the complete face protection
  • Provides protection from virus, bacteria, and germs
  • Effectively blocks out micro dust and bacteria
  • The edges of the shield are covered, to prevent any cuts and scratches.
  • Face Shield (Covid 19)
Face Shield (Covid 19)

This face shield is a really effective upgrade to face masks, as it provides better protection from the entry of viruses, bacteria, and germs. A face shield also reduces immediate viral exposure by 96%, when working within 18 inches of cough and also prevents people from touching their face.

It is especially useful for Healthcare workers that are dealing with COVID-19 infected people. In addition, it also covers the whole face up to below the chin, and ears.

Special features of it are:

  • Made of PVC sheet, with a thickness of 0.4 microns
  • Reusable
  • It can be easily washed by soap and water or common disinfectants
  • Easy to wear and remove.

In conclusion, with the high spreadability of the coronavirus, it is better to accompany your face mask with a face shield. It ensures a complete protection and prevents the entry of virus through eyes, nose, and mouth.

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FAQs on Face Shield:

Can face shield replace mask?

Yes, it can. As Face shield provide a better protection as compared to face masks. A face shield covers the entire face and extends below the chin and up to the ears. However, using a face shield along with a face mask is the best option when looking for a better and advanced protection.

How to wear face shield mask?

Wearing a face shield is very simple, as there are no hooks, loops or buttons. All you have to do is put on the shield through your head. Usually, the package of the face shield has the directions on the right way to wear it.

Are face shield better than mask?

Yes, when compared face shield provides better protection than face masks, as covers the entire face and extends below the chin and up to the ears. A face shield ensures that the entire face is covered and there is no gap in between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece.

Where to buy shield face mask?

You can buy face shield online from Tabletshablet, as we have a wide range of them on our website. And also, you can get them at exciting deal and discounts.

How to disinfect face shield mask?

You can disinfect a face shield by using a disinfectant and wipe the face shield with it. Also, you can disperse the face shield in a mixture of liquid wash and water. Then, wash it with clean water and wipe it clean with a soft cotton towel.

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