Neckfit Sorpresa Classic Pillow

This size of Neckfit Sorpresa is for you if your neck length is between 4.75 – 6.25 inches long and broadness of your shoulders is 3.5 inches or less and you have a deep neck curve from back.



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PRODUCT NAME: Neckfit Sorpresa Classic Pillow

MEASUREMENTS: Custom Made, therefore, No Exchange and No Return

Neckfit Sorpresa Classic Pillow is a custom made pillow for people who have a deeper neck curve. With an added, slightly raised headrest, the pillow enables sound sleep to people suffering from neck pain, shoulder, back or low back pain. The slight bulge of the Neckfit Sorpresa fills in your deeper neck curve thereby, supporting and resting your cervical spine.

The pillow gently elevates your head and rests it higher at about 3.5 inches, in alignment to your neck, when you turn to your side. In addition, it has stitching across its length and width and in the middle, creating a ‘+‘ sign in the Center, which offers Occipital-rest to the curvaceous neck.

Neckfit Sorpresa Classic Pillow


  • Can be tailor-made, according to your size
  • Made with an Exclusive quilted fabric
  • Makes sure that your spine is in its naturally correct position
  • Perfect for people who have a deep neck curve (from the back)
  • Have an additional small cushion at the middle
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Perfectly fits the curve of the neck
  • Despite being custom made, it is readily available
  • There is no need to adjust your pillow for height.

Neckfit Sorpresa Classic Pillow




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