Neckfit Island Customized Pillow

This size of Neckfit Island is for you if your neck length is between 7.75 to 9 inches long and broadness of your shoulders is  3.5 inches or less and you have a shallow neck from back.


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    PRODUCT NAME: Neckfit Island Customized Pillow

    MEASUREMENTS: Custom Made, therefore, No Exchange and No Return

    Neckfit Island Customized Pillow is one of a kind custom made pillow that is specifically designed to snugly adapt to the curvature of the cervical spine, to ensure that your neck and spine are perfectly aligned. The pillow makes sure that your head is resting about 1-1.5 inches above the bed while sleeping on the back and 2.5 inches above the bed when you are sleeping on your side.

    It helps prevent neck, shoulder, back and lower back pain, which results from either using the wrong pillow or not using one at all. The stitching in the middle creates a small Island in the Center, which adds a little height to rest your head. In addition, the pillow gently elevates your head, when you turn to your side.


    • Can be tailor-made, according to your size
    • Makes sure that your spine is in its naturally correct position
    • Perfect for people who have a shallow neck from the back
    • For people who have shoulder broadness of up to 4 inches
    • Despite being custom made, it is readily available
    • There is no need to adjust your pillow for height.




    Weight 0.5 kg

    12 inc X 27 inc, 14 inc X 27inc, 16inc X 27inc, 17inc X 27inc, A 14inc X 27inc


    2.5, 3.5


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