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Important Supplements for Pregnant Women

In a woman’s life Pregnancy is a very precious stage. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and happy experiences for any mother to be.

Pregnancy is a time for growth and development, making health and nutrition a top priority. A pregnant woman needs extra nutritional supplement to facilitate both maternal and fetal growth.

Supplements with certain essential vitamins and minerals help fill nutritional gaps. However, taking health supplements as a replacement for healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is not advisable.

Supplements rich in folate, iron and prenatal vitamins are safe for pregnant women, however it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplement, in any form.

Supplements for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the requirement of macronutrients & micronutrients increases significantly in women.

Macronutrients: These include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Protein intake needs increases in pregnant women. They are needed in larger amounts for proper development.

Micronutrients: These include vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Micronutrients are vital elements required in small amounts at all stages in life and particularly during pregnancy to facilitate proper maternal and fetal growth.

Vitamins and minerals support maternal and fetal growth at all stages of pregnancy and are required to support critical functions like cell growth and cell signaling.

Reasons to take various vitamin and mineral supplements in pregnant women

Nutrient deficiencies: Supplements are required if blood test and other investigations reveal a deficiency of a certain vitamin or mineral. Shortage of nutrients like folate has been known to cause birth defects. An ideal supplement to combat nutritional deficiencies is Simmom Chocolate

It is an nutritional supplement to meet the increasing nutritional needs of the pregnant and lactating women. It is healthy because it has zero Trans fats and has low sugar level.

Simmom Chocolate has a palatable chocolate flavor, also Available in vanilla Flavor. It is another great supplement to be used during pregnancy and lactation as it leads to the proper growth and development of the fetus.

Dietary restrictions: Women who follow specific diets, due to food intolerance and allergies, may need to supplement with vitamins and minerals to prevent micro nutrient deficiencies. 

Argihope Tablet is a good choice for pregnant women as the amino acids undergo conversion and the resulting compound dialates the blood vessels thereby increasing the blood flow to the placenta and helps to improve the circulation.

Argihope Tablet

Multiple pregnancies: Women during multiple pregnancies needs higher micronutrients than women carrying one baby. Supplements ensure optimal nutrition for both the mother and her babies.

Poor Diet: Women who under eat or choose foods which are low in nutrients may need to cover up the deficiency by taking supplements which are rich in vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiency which could lead to disorders.

Smoking: Chain smokers have an increased need for specific nutrients like vitamin C and folate, which can be fulfilled through nutritional supplements.

Simmom Vanilla has an ideal blend of brain nutrients and high quality proteins useful in foetal brain development. In pregnancy severe nausea and vomiting complication arise which lead to weight loss and nutrient deficiencies.

Simmom Vanilla

Importance of Supplements during Pregnancy

Although the supplements rich in micronutrients are important and essential for the proper development of the mother to be and the developing fetus yet all micronutrients and other supplements should be taken under medical supervision to ensure that they are actually needed and are taken in safe and required amount.

It is always advisable to purchase health supplements, vitamins of a reputed brand  to ensure the efficacy of the supplement and whether it is safe to be consumed by a pregnant woman. All pregnant women should take prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements to fill nutritional gaps and prevent birth defects like spina bifida.

Prenatal Vitamins 

Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins that are specially formulated to fill the increased demand for micronutrients during pregnancy.

They have a higher content of folic acid and iron than the standard multivitamins available. These should be taken before conception and during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Supplementing with prenatal vitamins minimize the risk of preterm birth and preeclampsia.
  • While prenatal vitamins help prevent nutritional gaps by providing extra micronutrients that are in high demand during pregnancy, they also help in the prevention of neural tube disorders.
  • Since prenatal vitamins contain the vitamins and minerals that pregnant women need so taking additional vitamin or mineral supplements may not be necessary unless suggested by your doctor.
  • It is important to take prenatal vitamins even if you take a healthy and nutritional diet because it provides all the nutrients that are needed by the mother and the baby.
  • Prenatal vitamins are available in both prescribed form and (over-the-counter) OTC form.

Folate and Iron

Folate plays an integral role in DNA synthesis, red blood cell production and fetal growth and development. Folic acid is a  synthetic form of folate which is found in many supplements.

Folate gets converted into the active form of L-methylfolate in the body. In early stage of pregnancy folate deficiency leads to birth defects. The need for iron increases significantly during pregnancy, as maternal blood volume increases by 50%.

Iron is very critical for oxygen transport and healthy growth and development of the fetus and placenta. Anemia during pregnancy is associated with preterm delivery, maternal depression and infant anemia.

Innovfol Capsule are rich in DHA, Methylfolate & Mecobalamin and it is essential for the development of infant’s brain. It helps to combat folic acid deficiency and helps in the treatment of anemia and weakness.

Innovfol Capsule

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin which is important for immune function, bone health and cell division. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy leads to an increased risk of cesarean section, preeclampsia, preterm birth and gestational diabetes.

Intake of vitamin D during pregnancy is 600 IU per day but vitamin D needs during pregnancy are much higher.


Magnesium is a mineral which is involved in various chemical reactions in body. It plays a very critical roles in immune, muscle and nerve function.

Deficiency of this mineral during pregnancy may increase the risk of chronic hypertension and premature labor. So supplementing with magnesium may reduce the risk of complications like fetal growth restriction and preterm birth.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, two essential fatty acids which is very important for fetal brain development. It’s a Mothercare Products with DHA and EPA in pregnancy boost infant brain development and decrease maternal depression. It improves cognitive function in the children of women who supplemented with fish oil during pregnancy.

Supplementing with fish oil protected against preterm delivery, and fish oil also have benefit for fetal eye development.Maternal DHA levels are important for proper fetal development,so taking fish oil during pregnancy is necessary.

However, supplements made from liver of the fish such as cod liver oil are not recommended in pregnancy.


They are the good bacteria, which significantly improve our digestive health. It helps in increasing gut health. Probiotics are living microorganisms that benefit our digestive system. Probiotics are safe during pregnancy, and no harmful side effects have been identified, aside from an extremely low risk of probiotic-induced infection.

Supplementing with probiotics reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, postpartum depression and infant eczema and dermatitis. Fol XT Tablet are commonly prescribed to combat cases of high risk pregnancy and anemia associated complications.

Mothercare Products online

Supplements to Avoid During Pregnancy

Vitamin A: Because vitamin A is fat-soluble, the body stores excess amounts in the liver. This accumulation leads toxic effects on the body that can lead to liver damage. It can even cause birth defects in babies.

Vitamin E: Intake of supplements with vitamin E has not been shown to any improve outcomes in mothers or babies and may instead increase the risk of abdominal pain and premature rupture of the amniotic sac.

Postpartum Supplementation

Postnatal Mothercare Products and supplementation support the recovery process after giving birth. After birth, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your nutritional needs as a new mom.

A balanced diet is essential to promote health and provide the energy which is needed to take care of new born. Drinking plenty of water, eating the right food and taking supplements necessary to fill in the gaps of all important nutritional deficiency is recommended.

Himalaya Evecare Capsule is an ideal combination of safe and natural ingredients and it helps in the treatment of menstrual disorders and general weakness.

Himalaya Evecare Capsule

Drink Plenty of Fluids or water

Drinking plenty of food or water as a new mom is an important way to reduce inflammation, increase energy and diminish swelling from your pregnancy and delivery.

Adequate fluid supply help to promote a healthy milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. So drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of liquid, preferably water, and everyday.

Eat Balanced Diet

Healthy diet is another important factor for Mothercare that promotes postnatal healing and recovery process in postpartum women. Nursing mothers should take a balanced diet which will help recover from all the deficiencies and fulfill all body needs.

It incorporates all of the primary food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and protein. Whole and minimally processed foods will provide the highest level of nutrition.

eat balanced diet

  • Grains -  Grains foods are wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal and barley. In this incorporate foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal.
  • Vegetables- Choose a variety of options, including plenty of dark green, red and orange vegetables as well as legumes and starchy veggies.
  • Fruits -  You may incorporate any type of fruit, including canned, frozen, or dried, but fresh is always preferred.
  • Dairy -  Getting plenty of calcium into your diet after giving birth is particularly important, so choose foods that are high in calcium even if you do opt for low-fat varieties.
  • Protein -  The proteins help rebuild the body’s cells and provides sustained energy. Choose lean protein such as turkey, chicken and lean beef, Fish, nuts, seeds, peas and beans are also good options.

Supplements : However, supplementing with the right vitamins after giving birth is important to fill the gap of nutritional deficiency. The right supplements are beneficial for the both health of newborn & breastfeeding mother.

Nutrients found to be beneficial in postpartum recovery are Omegas, Vitamin B9, zinc, calcium and Vitamin A. Revital H Women Capsule is a multivitamin and mineral supplement along with Ginseng.

The key ingredients not only complete the nutritional gaps but also keeps the user alert and active. It helps to increase our stamina and energy throughout the day.

Revital H women Capsule

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:  Omega-3s such as DHA support the development of newborn’s brain, eyes and central nervous system. Omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on postpartum depression.

The RDA of Omega-3 Fatty acids for new mothers is 300 milligrams.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acids):  Vitamin B9 is important for the development of baby’s nervous system. It is also helps  reduce the symptoms of postnatal depression. The RDA of folic acid needed for new moms is 500 micrograms.

Zinc:  Zinc is a unique trace mineral that promotes immune function and protects body from damage caused by free radicals. Pregnancy causes impact on zinc absorption. Zinc supplements improve  energy, and provide many other important benefits for the new moms.

The RDA of Zinc is atleast 18 milligrams on daily basis, whether it’s in the form of a vitamin or through foods such as eggs, whole wheat flour, oats and meat.

Lactare Capsule It is an ideal supplement for nursing women post-partum. Lactare Capsule regular consumption during pregnancy leads to an increased production of mother’s milk by increasing the prolactin hormone.

Lactare Capsule

Calcium and vitamin A: Calcium &vitamin A are also important nutrients for new mothers. Calcium helps build and maintain bones.

  • Vitamin A helps maintain healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin. Vitamin A promotes good vision.
  • A balanced nutrition approach is essential for pregnant & postpartum women to recover health.

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