Argihope Tablet

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This is used as a good dietary supplement for pregnant women because this helps to maintain healthy foeto-maternal circulation which is very important for the healthy growth and development of fetus.

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Product Name : Argihope Tablet

Pack Size : The STRIP contains 10 tablets.

Pregnancy is a very valuable phase in a women’s life. During  this phase women need extra care &  proper diet  which supports healthy growth and development of both mother &  infant by reducing the risk of health.

Argihope tablet is a good  dietary supplement for Pregnant women, because this contain micronised L- arginine as a active ingredients in the form of  tablet  by following USP formulation . This help to increase blood flow in to the placenta in pregnant women.

Composition :

L-arginine (Micronised)

Mechanism of Action of L- Aeginine 

L-arginine  is anŽ±-amino acid which helps in the biosynthesis of proteins. L-Arginine works as  a biological precursor of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax  due to which vasodilation occurs which increases the width of  the blood vessel & hence  improves blood circulation.

Benefits :

Thus, this increased  blood flow to the placenta  & lowers the maternal blood pressure thereby reducing the stress.Thus, this maintains healthy foeto-maternal circulation due to  increased blood flow to the placenta.


  • This product maintains a healthy foeto-maternal circulation by increased  blood flow in the placenta.  This blood contain many essential nutrients required by the baby for their healthy growth and development.

Use Under Medical Supervision

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