Simmom Vanilla

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Specialized nutrition with IQ blend of brain nutrients that helps in  foetal brain development & provides the energy, protein and calcium needs to the pregnant or breast feeding women.

(1 customer review)

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  • Product Name : Simmom Vanilla

    Pack Size:  200gm and 400gm of powder.

    Flavour : Vanilla

    Simmom Vanilla Powder is used by pregnant and breast feeding women to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements.

    Features of Simmom Vanilla

    • This Mothercare Product provide nutrition during pregnancy and lactation leads to the growth and development of the foetus and adds to the maturity of a healthy baby.
    • It is a  specialized nutrition offering with IQ blend for  brain nutrients & high quality protein that helps in  foetal brain development and healthy birthing.


    • The product contains Skim Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Fiber, Vitamins, DHA and Minerals.

    Role of key ingredients

    • Vitamins are essential for the growth, development and metabolic activities in different body parts.
    • Minerals are chemical elements, which involved in various processes of the body. They help to regulate cell function and it  act as building blocks for  cells and organs.
    • Proteins are the very important building blocks of life which are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.
    • DHA is a fatty acid which is used as a supplement & maintenance of normal brain function. It is also used to prevent disease related to heart and circulatory system.

    Benefits of Simmom Vanilla

    • Simmom provides the energy, protein and calcium needs to a pregnant or breast feeding mother.
    • Simmom helps in healthy weight gain which is required during pregnancy as it is low in fat and sugar, has zero transfat and has high quality protein.
    • Simmom Vanilla Powder contains Multivitamins, Minerals, Fats, Protein and DHA.

    Directions of use

    • Mix three scoops of Simmom Vanilla Powder in 200 ml warm previously boiled cow milk. It can be mixed with drinking water as well.

    Use Under Medical Supervision

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    1 review for Simmom Vanilla

    1. anu singh

      very good product i have been using this product since 4 month

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