Cloth Diapers: Why Prefer them Over Disposable ones?

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Super Protective. Extra Cautious. And nowadays, open to Change. You have been wondering to whom all those qualities belong to. Well! When it comes to their babies, all Mothers possess these features. They all have these qualities in common. 

While worrying about food, clothing and supplements seem somewhat necessary. Diapers are another major concern of mothers. And why wouldn’t they worry? Diapers stay with their kids 24×7.

They play a very important role in your kid’s mood and health. The same goes for the type of Diapers like Cloth Diapers.

While Disposable diapers don’t need any introduction, Cloth diapers do. Not because they are not good enough. But because they have been revamped. Because the original concept of cloth diapers is good for both babies as well as for the environment.

A lot of new technologies and concepts are applied to make them up to parent’s expectations.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers over Disposable Ones

Benefits of Cloth Diapers
  • Safe to Baby’s skin

There is no doubt that Disposable diapers contain chemicals that harms the baby’s skin. Chemicals, such as dioxins, Sodium polycarbonate, dyes, fragrances, plastics and petrolatum, are often present in these diapers.

But, cloth diapers for babies are just cloth and that one of cotton. So, there is like no chance that they will cause any harm to your baby’s skin. And the material being breathable will keep your baby’s bum dry.

  • Cheaper

By the time they are potty trained, a baby could have used 4,000 to 6,000 disposable nappies or 20 to 30 reusable nappies. Whereas, 20 – 25 of cloth diapers reusable will set you up for the whole diapering time.

Rest you can do the math. There is a huge difference between the price ranges. Which makes cloth ones all the more attractive.

  • Safe for Environment

Disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose. They do not degrade well in landfills! Which makes them a threat to nature and a big NO for people. Because anything harming environment does automatically harm us!

It takes 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil every year to make diapers. What it comes down to is that disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, two times more water and three times more energy to make than cloth diapers. Besides depleting natural resources, manufacturing disposable diapers also utilizes non-renewable energy sources.

– The Good Human
  • Fewer chances of Diaper Rash

Diaper Rashes usually occur if the baby’s skin is in contact with wet or dirty diapers for a long time. With the chemicals present in disposable diapers, the chances of diapers occurrence increases.

Whereas, cloth diapers are free of chemicals and are of breathable material, thus protecting your baby’s bum from rashes.

Superbottoms: A Reason for you to love Cloth Diapers


A company owned and run by mothers, Superbottoms is India’s no.1 brand of reusable cloth diapers as per Amazon’s bestseller list. After a lot of experimentation with designs and cloth materials, a Superbottoms diaper is made.

Selecting Superbottoms – You take one step towards saving the environment and nature. It not only is concerned for baby’s skin but is also extremely eco-friendly and economical on the pocket.

Superbottoms Cloth diapers are India’s First and Only CPSIA tested and certified reusable cloth diapers, which keeps your baby’s bums safe and rash-free. And not just that, they come in beautiful and colourful designs to match your baby’s mood.

Why go for Superbottoms?

Apart from the support of other mothers, find the following features that’ll get you hooked on Superbottoms diapers:

  • Reusable, Washable and Waterproof:

All these features together in a diaper makes Superbottoms a perfect choice for mothers. Less Work for Mommy, More comfort for Baby! Now, buy Superbottoms cloth diapers India online at TabletShablet.

  • Suede layer:

An extra layer of comfort that provides a dry feel to the baby’s bottoms even when it is peed on. And provides leak-proof comfort.

  • Different Varieties:

Superbottoms diapers are available in different varieties like cloth diapers for newborn, Superbottoms plus UNO, diaper covers, etc.

  • Non-Toxic:

That’s the best thing that makes Superbottoms cloth diapers the perfect choice over disposable ones. It is free of toxic chemicals and doesn’t cause any harm to your baby’s delicate bums!

  • Trimmest Diapers amongst all:

With a 5 inch crotch, Superbottoms reusable cloth diapers provide 30% trimmer crotch to ensure your super-active little one has a trim and comfy fit.

From TabletShablet, get Superbottoms at the comfort of your homes. Hope this blog gives you the push and information you needed to convert to Cloth Diapering.

Have a Safe Diapering…

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