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The Role of Non-contact Thermometers Relating to Coronavirus Protection

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The whole world is facing the coronavirus infection with all they have got. And with its vaccine under progress, everyone has to be cautious all the more. But, amidst all this chaos and fear, things that have been found really effective and proved great weapon against COVID-19 are face masks, sanitizers, and thermometers. Especially the non-contact thermometers that allow temperature measurement, without any contact.

We all know how the coronavirus infection spread through contact with the infected person. And how, fever is one the its symptoms. And with non-contact infrared thermometer, one can get accurate temperature readings while reducing the cross-contamination risk and minimizes the risk of spreading infections.

When it comes to coronavirus, it is very important to keep a note on the symptoms. And ask for medical help, if the symptoms match.

At TabletShablet, you can find a range of non-contact infrared thermometers online India that provides accurate temperature readings. But some of the most effective and popular ones are:

AccuSure Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

It is specially designed to measure body temperature from the forehead, without any skin contact. AccuSure thermometer has a high precision sensor measurement for accurate and instant temperature results and ensures highly safe usage, without the use of mercury.

For early diagnosis and prevention, the thermometer has a fever alarm, which immediately inform you of high fever so you can better take care of it.

Some of its highlights are:

  • Provide results in just 1-3 seconds
  • Automatically shuts down, after not used for 1 minute
  • Stores 10 Sets of temperature data
  • Indicates battery life
  • Also, have a Buzzer
  • Switchable between °C/°F
  • It does affect the human body or object.

Perfecxa InfraRed Non Contact Thermometer

It’s a forehead thermometer that gives accurate temperature results, without any contact with the skin. And prevents the spread of COVID-19 infection, by early detection of symptoms, if any.

This Infrared thermometer can not only measure the body temperature but also of the objects and room. In addition, it is can be operated with just a single button and is suitable for both household use and as a medical device.

Its highlights are:

  • It provides results in just 1 second
  • Has a memory records of 10 sets
  • Ensures accurate measurements
  • Comes with a pouch, for extra safety
  • Also, has a clock
  • Causes no effects on the human body or object
  • It is of Medical Standards.

Catal Infrared Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

This infrared forehead thermometer ensures temperature measurement without contacting the skin to avoid cross infection.

It serves many purposes and can also be used to measure the temperature of animals, room, liquid, solid and industrial sites. In addition, it comes with 2 operation modes: Body temperature and object temperature.

Its highlights are:

  • Has high precision – 0.2 °C
  • With a high precision infrared sensor
  • High temperature alert
  • Stores the temperature data
  • Also, has a Fever alarm
  • Automatic shut off/on
  • Causes no effects on the human body or object.

Having all the products required for coronavirus prevention, one can always keep themselves and their family safe from this deadly infection.

Early detection and precaution are the key to Coronavirus protection and can help protect many lives.

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FAQs of Non Contact Thermometer:

What is non contact thermometer?

A non contact thermometer allows a person to take temperature measurements, without making any contact with the skin or the object. It usually measures temperature through the forehead and provides accurate results.

Is non contact thermometer accurate?

Yes, non contact thermometers are accurate and gives accurate and reliable temperature measurements. And also, it provide results in just a few seconds.

How does non contact thermometer work?

For temperature measurement, Non contact thermometers read the thermal radiation that is the surface temperature. It does not measure the internal temperature as it doesn’t penetrate the surface and just measures the heat coming off of the object itself.

How to use non contact thermometer?

First, power on the thermometer and once the laser is emitted from it, point it in the direction of the object you are measuring. Hold the laser end stable and in a precise location. Keep holding it until the temperature is read. After that, result will be displayed on the screen.

Which non contact thermometer is best for COVID 19?

There are a variety of non contact thermometers available in the market but the ones that provide accurate and reliable results are considered the best. And some of those are, AccuSure Infrared Non Contact Thermometer, Perfecxa InfraRed Non Contact Thermometer, and Catal Infrared Non Contact Forehead Thermometer.

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