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VedicRoots: Pure Botanicals

Ayurveda has been amongst us since time immemorial. Its roots trace back to thousands of years. But, with the arrival of modern medicines, Ayurveda has lost its value for a few decades. Now, it came back with full force. The most attractive thing about Ayurveda is its use of nature and its products. With advanced technology and science, Ayurveda has transformed into an upgraded and improved form. One such brand is VedicRoots Pure Botanicals.

VedicRoots believes in Ayurveda coupled with the advancement in science and technology, bringing to the world, an absolutely pure and active range of botanical beauty products making it a pioneer in the Ayurveda Beauty products industry.

The brand focuses on enhancing one’s beauty quotient while creating a new definition of beauty. And to let your body (and soul) enjoy the natural, aromatic treats!! Crafted with expertise and backed by the purity of Nature & the power of advanced Science, all the VedicRoots Products are best suited for today’s advanced lifestyles. They ensure safety along with beauty.

We, at TabletShablet, provide you with the entire range of Vedic Roots Products like Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care and Personal Care, for your overall body care. So, explore and pick your favourites to let your inner beauty shine on the outside as well! Experience the beauty of nature, all the comfort of your homes. We also have a complete range of VedicRoots Products.

Ayurvedic Products for Beautiful Skin

All of the products of VedicRoots are made with 100% organically-pure plant-based resources. The skin care range includes innovative formulas of cleansers, face wash, youth serums, etc. All these beauty and personal care products care formed without the use of any harmful chemicals and toxins.

The VedicRoots Cream includes Papaya Boost Blemishes & Dark Spots Control Cream, Night Cream Overnight Cell Repair & Renewal Cream, which provides the perfect, glowing skin.

For Stronger and Healthier Hair

VedicRoots Pure Botanicals hair care products are of a purely herbal background without the use of harmful chemicals. To provide you with silky, smooth and shiny hair, we offer you a range of hair care products like shampoo, hair Vitalizer, hair oil, etc.

VedicRoots: for Overall Body Care

To recuperate from all the day’s hard work, enjoy nature’s essence offered by the VedicRoots products. We offer a wide range of products like Rose Mist Skin Toner, Daily serum, Soothing Body Butter, etc.

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