Zn 20 Syp 100ml

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Zn20 Oral Drops 15 ml belongs to the class of ‘nutritional supplements’, primarily used to treat nutritional deficiencies. Zn20 Oral Drops 15 ml effectively treats various conditions caused by low calcium levels (hypocalcaemia) in the body like Vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones), and rickets or osteomalacia (softening or deforming of bones due to lack of calcium).
Zn20 Oral Drops 15 ml consists of Calcium citrate malate, Elemental Magnesium, Elemental Zinc, and Vitamin D3. Calcium citrate malate provides essential nutrients required for bone formation and maintenance. Elemental Magnesium helps in the normal functioning of muscles and nerves and maintains bone mineral density. Elemental Zinc promotes the growth and development of body tissues. Vitamin D3 helps maintain blood calcium and phosphorus levels and mineralization of bone.

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Before using zinc gluconate, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, herbalist, or other healthcare provider. You may not be able to use zinc gluconate if you have certain medical conditions., Ask the doctor

Nausea; upset stomach.


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