Sri Sri Ayurveda Yashtimadhu Tablet


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    PRODUCT NAME: Sri Sri Ayurveda Yashtimadhu Tablet

    PACK SIZE: The bottle contains 60 tablets.
    FEATURE:  Licorice benefits are known to People since thousands of years. Its Sanskrit name is Yashtimadhu. It is one of the most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs.

    Botanical name Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.
    Family Fabaceae

    English name: Licorice / Liquorice
    Hindi name: Mulethi, Jethimadhu
    Tamil and Telugu: name Atimadhuram, Irattimadhuram
    Hindi name: Muleti, Jetimadhu
    Kannada name: Atimadhura, Jeshtamadhu
    Telugu name: Yashtimadhukam
    Bengali name: Yashtimadhu
    Marathi name: Jeshtimadh
    Gujarati name: Jethimadh

    Yashtimadhu has sweet root and stem
    Madhuka sweet
    Klitaka Being imported into
    Yashtyahva, Madhuyashti

    HABITAT: This herb is cultivated in Himalayas.


    Good for eye and eyesight / vision
    Provides good strength and immunity
    Enhances colour and complexion
    Good aphrodisiac, increases the quantity and quality of semen
    Good hair tonic
    Excellent remedy for throat disorders, good for improving voice
    Heals ulcers, wounds and swelling / inflammation associated with wounds
    It neutralizes the bad effects of poisons and toxins. In Chinese medicine they used to administer it for treating food poisoning and its ill-effects
    Relieves thirst
    Relieves tiredness / exhaustion, provides energy
    Useful in relieving wasting disorders, degenerative diseases
    Good expectorant, expels phlegm from lungs, heals respiratory diseases
    Good for heart health, prevents damage from LDL cholesterol (Bad fat), Discourages clogging plaque formation which can damage heart
    Enhances immunity by boosting levels of interferon which is the key chemical of the immune system that fights off viruses
    Phyto-estrogens in Liquorice is said to have mild esterogenic effect and eases symptoms of Pre-menstrual syndrome like irritability, bloating, breast tenderness etc (Research)
    Has anti-allergic property and highly beneficial in allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma
    Externally it has been effectively used in eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
    Mild laxative
    It has powerful antioxidants, phyto-estrogens which are helpful during menopause
    It has antidepressant compounds and helps in warding off depression
    Good Brain Tonic
    Blood-purifier, Increases quality and quantity of blood, useful in bleeding disorder
    Relieves cough, chest congestion, sore-throat
    Relieves dysuria
    Promotes longevity of life
    Promotes fracture healing


    Rasa (Taste) Madhura (Sweet)
    Guna (Properties) Guru (Heavy), Snigdha (Unctous)
    Vipaka (Post digestion effect):Madhura (Sweet)
    Veerya (Potency) Sheeta (Cold)


    Yashtimadhu Phanta a water infusion of licorice is used in Vamana Panchakarma procedure.
    Ghee prepared with licorice yashtimadhu Ghrita is used extensively in treating peptic ulcers and gastritis.
    Yashtimadhu oil: is used for nasya therapy (nasal instillation) and hair application to prevent baldness, greying and to reduce hair fall.

    USES: Liquorice is used for anti-aging therapy.

    Chakshushya Good for eyes,
    Balakrut Improves strength and immunity
    Varnakrut improves skin complexion
    Shukrala increases sperm count and semen quality
    Keshya good for hair. Improves hair quality. Hence it is used in many herbal hair oils.
    Svarya improves voice quality


    Licorice during pregnancy: There are many reports suggesting that licorice taken during pregnancy may cause lower IQ in the child. It is also reported that licorice may cause preterm labour. Hence it is not advised to consume during pregnancy.
    It is usually not prescribed in a patient with high BP and low potassium levels. Liquorice in excessive dosage causes nausea and vomiting, increases Blood Pressure. It has variable degrees of intolerance and hence should not be used without medical advice or supervision.


    Women on birth control pills
    Patients with Blood Pressure
    Pregnant women
    Nursing mother.

    Use Under Medical Supervision


    Sri Sri Ayurveda

    Weight 0.3 kg
    Dimensions 18 × 11 × 10 cm
    Pack Form



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