Wow Vitamin K2 100 Mcg Vegetarian Capsules – 60 Count

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Product Name:Wow Vitamin K2 100 Mcg Vegetarian Capsules – 60 Count

Pack Size: This pack contains 60 softgel capsules.


Vitamin K is an essential nutrient necessary for responding to injuries ? it regulates normal blood clotting in the human body. In addition, by assisting with the transportation of calcium throughout the body, Vitamin K is found helpful for supporting bone & teeth health; it may reduce tooth decay&decrease the risks of easily fracturing your bones. Equally importantly, this calcium displacement action also works to reduce calcium buildups in our arteries& soft tissues – a major cause of heart diseases. Vitamin K has also been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Contains 100 mcg vitamin k2 per serving.
  • Best-quality natural nutrition for your wellness .
  • Formulated to support bone and teeth health and immune responses.
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