Wow Total Radiance Shampoo Infused with Argan Oil 300 ml

Wow Total Radiance Shampoo Infused with Argan Oil nourishes the scalp & strengthen the hair and reduce hair fall.

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    PRODUCT NAME: WOW Total Radiance Shampoo
    PACK SIZE: 300ml

    WOW Total Radiance Argan Oil Shampoo provides rich nourishment & hydration to give silky glossy hair. It is loaded with the best-quality Argan Oil, often called “liquid gold”, and hence it provides healthy restorative goodness to hair and skin. This shampoo does not contain any chemicals that could be harmful for hair or scalp.


    It is loaded with essential omega 6 fatty acid and vitamins A & E. The golden combination improves the lipid barrier of the hair and enhances  the gloss and silkiness and provides strength to the hair and reduces hair breakage.

    • The key ingredients in the product provide deep rooted nourishment and thus resulting in a healthy scalp, strong and shiny  hair and also prevents hair fall because the soft and silky hair are easy to manage and they do not tangle.
    • WOW Total Radiance Shampoo has been specially formulated to strengthen & enhance  hair quality by  making it more glossy & silky.
    • Besides the ingredients which contribute effectively  to improve hair quality and texture, the added benefit is that it contains no harmful sulphates, paraben or silicons, which are harmful and hence not recommended.


    It contains purest quality of Argan Oil made Moroccan Argan seeds. and is loaded with healthy omega -6 and  omega -9 fatty acids along with vitamin E.

    Argan Oil has a quick absorption and helps in moisture retention and result in glossier, silkier and stronger hair.

    How to Use:

    • Wet  all hair thoroughly with warm water to open the cuticles.
    • Apply sufficient amount of shampoo as per the length and volume of  hair.
    • Gently massage it all over the scalp and along the tresses with  fingertips (not nails) for 2-3 minutes.
    • Wash it off with  water. Once the shampoo is washed off completely then rinse it with cold water for extra-cuticle smoothening.
    • Let the hair dry naturally.

    Caution: Avoid this product contact with eyes. If contact occur then rinse the eyes thoroughly with water.

    For best results regular usage is recommended.

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