WOW Hair Vanish Gift Hamper for Men 100ML

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Product Name: WOW Hair Vanish Gift Hamper for Men 100ML

Pack Size: 100ML

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: WOW HAIR VANISH for Men- Scientifically formulated hair inhibitor with 100% natural ingredients which retards the growth of unwanted hair and widely used even in sensitive areas such as face,chest,arms ,legs& back. Regular use of this product retards hair¢€“ growth from the hair follicles right from the root level and regular use ensures a permanent solution for minimizing other hair removal creams and techniques in a safe manner and can be safely used by both men and women. Longer duration between each hair removal session ensuring a silky and smooth skin which will become permanent reduction in hair growth over time. Suggested :Use for 3¢€“ 4 months consistently would give optimum results.

How to Use:

Firstly remove hair from the area where you wish to apply this hair inhibitor which you use currently with the hair remover. Apply sufficient quantity of WOW HAIR VANISH for Men and rub it in an anti-clockwise direction and also clockwise direction simultaneously. Repeat this for 7 days twice a day morning and evening after each hair removal procedure. However if you use a hair remover cream instead then WOW HAiR VANISH should be used on a daily basis.




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