WOW Deep Impact Acne Treatment Kit

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PRODUCT NAME: WOW Deep Impact Acne Treatment Kit

PACK SIZE: Contains 3 Products

  1. WOW Skin Science Acne Foaming Cleanser (100 ml)
  2. WOW Skin Science Acne Exfoliating Gel (100 ml) 
  3. WOW Skin Science Acne Hydrating Serum (50 ml)

WOW Acne Treatment Kit works through a unique 3-step spot therapy action with microbeads filled with bioactives. Which clear up the acne, soothe the redness, balance the skin oils, fade out the spots and fill up the scars.

The Microbeads are filled with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Neem, Basil & Aloe Vera Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid. This Acne treatment kit helps reduce acne, unclogs pores & reduces scarring. In addition, it also fills up the acne scars and hydrates the skin.

COMPOSITION: The key ingredients are AHA, BHA, Neem, Basil & Aloe Vera Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid.

WOW Acne Treatment Kit Features:
  • Help reduce acne & soothe redness
  • Lock in moisture in the skin
  • Keeps the skin oil-free
  • Also, unclogs pores and reduces scarring
  • Contains no harmful sulphates, parabens or mineral oils
  • WOW acne Treatment Kit Smoothens the skin


  • For Facial Cleanser: Gently massage the cleanser in a circular motion for 20-30 secs. Rinse the face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then, pat it dry.
  • For Exfoliating Gel: Apply a thin layer of Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel on the acne-affected areas and gently massage for it. Then, rinse it off with warm water.
  • For Hydrating Serum: Apply the hydrating serum on the face using fingertips. Massage it gently and let it remain until next wash.

PRECAUTIONS: WOW Acne Treatment Kit is to be used as per manufacturer. Never apply twice a day. Once a day for oily skin and alternate day for dry skin. Not advisable for sensitive skin.

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