WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub & Active Charcoal Face Mask 200ml

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These are used as skin care products  which treat the blackhead, white head , pimple,pigmentation,toxin of cell. this remove the cellulite & stretched mark from the body.

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  • Product Name: WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub & Active Charcoal Face Mask

    Pack Size: 200ml

    Taking care of towards your skin here we brought WOW combo pack.  This pack contain two type of formulation of Wow products

    • WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub
    • WOW Active Charcoal Face Mask

    WOW Arabica Coffee Scrub

    When you feel cellulite & stretched mark on your beautiful body then use WOW Coffee Scrub has been formulated to minimize the appearance of unwanted cellulite that help reduce cellulite & stretched mark. This have delightful fragrance.

    This  is blend  of 100% natural and rich anti-oxidant, anti oxidant work by breaking free radical chain reactions and thus this protect the cell damage.

    This also contain Arabica coffee grounds, shea butter, coconut oil. These all possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to minimizes cellulite &  reduces stretch marks. This also exfoliate and hydrate skin which improve skin glow.

    This exfoliating face scrub suitable for all skin types that is  normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.
    This  improves skin¢€™s elasticity by boost collagen fiber and provide superb texture.

    WOW Active Charcoal Face Mask

    When people is out side from the home then their skin get effected by the may external factor such as pollution particles, impurities, dust particle. If  we don’t take care of our skin then this caused adverse effect on the skin which leads the blackhead, white head, pimple,pigmentation,toxin due to dead cells & pore size.

    So to solve such type of problem WOW Active Charcoal Face Mask is one of the best formula to remove pollution particles, impurities, dust and dead cells from the skin & make it fabulously clean,and brought smooth and glow on face. This work by traps and removes pollution particles, impurities, dust and dead cells from the pores and surface . This helps unclogging pores, refining the pore size and balancing the skin oils.

    This is Activated charcoal face mask is very safe have no paraben, no chemical. This balance oil production &  remove impurities. This have very good fragrance.

    Direction for use

    • Apply a thin layer all over cleansed face (except around eyes) using a face mask brush or fingertips.
    • Let dry for 10-15 or 30 minutes.
    • Peel out  the mask after dry  from bottom to top.
    • Wash off using plain water. If any charcoal powder is left sticking to pores, just clean with a warm towel.
    • Use this twice a week for best results.
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