Vitaminergy – Multivitamin Energy Drink

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Product Name : Vitaminergy – Multivitamin Energy Drink (3 Tubes with 10 Tablets Each) 20 Essential Vitamins,  Minerals &  Bio-Actives for Daily Nutrition, Orange Flavour

Description : 

Vitaminergy is your daily go to drink for instant energy and healthy lifestyle. Just Drop, Fizz & Drink. A glass full of this delicious fizzy drink is all it takes to reach pure nutrition in your diet. Delicious flavors to the rest of the job. You will crave for your next guilt-free and tasty drink which is easily absorbed in your blood within no time thereby giving you instant energy.  Its a vegan product. It can be consumed any time of the day. The product does not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz.

Ingredients :

One effervescent Tablet contains 10 essential Vitamins : Vitamin b12, b3 , b6 , folic acid , b9 , vitamin A , B5 ,vitamin c ,biotin with vitamin K and D.

FAQ’s :.

* How to use Vitaminergy Tablets?

Answer) The tablets should be dropped in a glass of water, wait till it dissolves completely, and then drink.

*  Does it provide nutrition?

Answer)A glass of this delectable fizzy drink is all you need to achieve pure nutrition in your diet. To the remainder of the task, add delicious tastes. You will desire your next guilt-free and delectable drink that is quickly absorbed in your bloodstream, providing you with instant energy.

* What are the benefits of vitamins?

Answer) Vitamins and minerals in Vitaminergy are regarded as vital nutrients since, when combined, they conduct hundreds of functions in the body. They strengthen bones, heal wounds, and boost your immune system. In addition, they transform food into energy and heal cellular damage.


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