Vigini Vaginal Tightening & Whitening Gel & Breast Firming Enhancement (Bust) Cream

  • Contains Vigini V- Tightening and Whitening Gel & Vigini Bust Firming Massage Cream
  • Vigini Bust Firming Cream increases elasticity, tightens muscles to provide firm toned bust
  • Vigini V-Tightening & Whitening gel is an Anti-ageing formula that helps regain the natural tone and elasticity of the vagina.
  • Both contain natural actives, that prevent any side effects.
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Product Name: Vigini Vaginal Tightening & Whitening Gel & Breast Firming Enhancement (Bust) Cream

Pack Size: This pack contains combo of Vigini Vaginal Tightening & Whitening Gel (100gms) & Vigini Breast Firming Enhancement (Bust) Cream (100gms).

Vigini Bust Firming Cream is a unique blend of 100% natural actives. Vigini Bust firming cream is formulated to increase elasticity , tighten muscles & provide firm toned bust. Antioxidants nourish skin, increase blood circulation, develop healthy tissues & strengthen loose muscles. Rejuvenating properties develop new cells, helps encourage collagen production & improve elasticity. Moisturizes skin & encourage the body’s natural growth process to enhance bust shape and size.

Vigini V Tightening and Whitening Gel is an Anti ageing formula helps intimate regain natural tone and elasticity. Natural actives increase estrogen level and form new tissues. Reduce pigmentation, lighten the color of Intimate area & bikini lines. Helps eliminate foul smell, prevents from infection and keeps Intimate area clean & healthy. Locks natural wetness of intimate area and improves elasticity. Reduces dryness, provides instant tightness you feel desirable sensuous & confident.

Vigini provides Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Non-Carcinogenic and Hypoallergenic intimate products. Making it safe to use for intimate areas.



Vigini Natural Actives

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