Vibrania D Capsule

It is a nutritional supplement that contains methylcobalamin, pyridoxine, vitamin d3 and folic acid. It treats general weakness, intense fatigue, lethargy, convalescence, weakness and Irritability.

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    PRODUCT NAME: Vibrania D Capsule

    PACK SIZE:?1 strip contains 10 capsules

    Vibrania D Capsule is a health supplement that contains Methylcobalamin, Pyridoxine, Vitamin D3 and Folic acid. It is indicated in General Weakness, Intense fatigue, Lethargy, Convalescence, Weakness, Lack of concentration, Confusion and Irritability.


    • A nutritional supplement
    • Folic acid in it helps produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anaemia, in both children and adults
    • Methylcobalamin boosts nerve myelination, regularizes sleep patterns, and decreases serum homocysteine levels
    • Pyridoxine enhances myelin sheath formation
    • Vibrania D Capsule regulates amino acid metabolism
    • Vitamin D3 helps in building and keeping the bones & teeth strong
    • Reduces Fatigue/stress and muscular pains

    DOSAGE: Take it orally with water, after meals.


    • Use as mentioned by the manufacturer or as directed by the physician. Store below 25?C.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


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