Vasu Liv (Syrup) 200 ml

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Vasu Liv Syrup is indicated for liver dysfunctions, viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disorders.

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Product Name: Vasu Liv Syrup

Vasuliv syrup is an ideal formulation of herbs (polyherbal formulation) documented for their hepatoprotective action. It is indicated for liver dysfunctions, viral hepatitis and alcoholic liver disorders.


It contains : Bhumiamla, Kalmegh, Katuki, Bhringraj and Punarnava, which are known to prevent damage induced by toxins and viruses and restore liver function.

Role of key ingredients

  • Bhringaraja protects the liver from toxicity.
  • Punarnava is an anti-inflammatory agent, which inhibits cell proliferation.
  • Bhumiamala is effective for jaundice and helps block the virus which causes hepatitis B.
  • Kalmegh enhances liver health and possesses anti-viral properties.
  • Katuka exerts anti-viral activity, regulates the production and flow of bile.


Vasuliv syrup is a liver tonic which enhances overall liver health and helps in proper functioning of liver. Restore Appetite, Ensures Growth

  • Normalizes liver function
  • Protects against liver damage
  • Improve hunger


Adult : 2 TSF TID, Children : 1 TSF TID or Use as directed by physician.


  • Anorexia
  • Viral Hepatitis

Use under medical supervision

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Vasu Healthcare

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