Vasu Acnovin Face (2 Pack) & Oil Control, Insta Radiance Face Wash Gift Hamper

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Product Name:?Vasu Acnovin Face (2 Pack) & Oil Control, Insta Radiance Face Wash Gift Hamper


Vasu Acnovin Face Pack (2*25g)

Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) is an excellent powder that helps in the management of Acne / Pimples in all types of skin. Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) contains ingredients having antiseptic and Oil controlling properties. Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) clears bacteria, controls Oiliness prevents Acne formation and offers to glow & radiating skin complexion.

Mode of Application: Mix Acnovin Face Pack with water /rose water to make a semi-solid paste. Apply the paste gently on the face ? neck area & allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure fair, glowing & radiating skin complexion.

Vasu Oil Control Face Wash

FEATURES: Oily skin is the major reason for pimples and dull skin which reduces self-confidence and makes us look dull. People with oily skin face loads of problems especially during summers when they fail to deal with their skin. As a result, they keep on cleaning their face with harmful face washes which snatch away the natural moisture of the skin and darkens skin color. For all such people, we have an amazing product which would retain skin moisture and will make skin look oil free and fresh.

INGREDIENT: The product contains Bhringraj, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu.

Triple action (Power of 3 herbs)
Easily rinses-off
Enriched with natural herbs used for skin glorification
HOW TO USE: Take a considerable amount on your palm and apply it over the wet skin. Massage it for 3 minutes over the face and rinse well with clean water. Apply Instant glow cream after washing. For best results use twice daily

Helps to clear excessive oil
Makes skin tone lighter
Makes skin glow and refreshing.
Retains skin moisture

Vasu?Insta Radiance Face Wash

This is a specially-formulated face wash using time-tested herbs in a skin-friendly cleansing base, which improves complexion and adds radiance to skin. Turmeric has healing properties and helps to remove germs and impurities, while Saffron helps to give a flawless complexion by eliminating dullness and making your skin glow in a healthy way.


Restores Natural Radiance
No Parabens
Turmeric , Saffron
Benefits :
Removes excess facial oil, dirt and germs
Exfoliates skin
Revitalizes & makes skin look radiant and youthful
Gives superior conditioning effect
For all skin types


Vasu Healthcare

Vasu Healthcare

Over the last few decades, Ayurveda has taken the world by storm. People now prefer herbal, natural products over chemical-based products. As they are effective and cause no side effects. But, now we have hundreds of Ayurvedic brands in the market. So, it becomes quite difficult to select a single brand amongst them. Let TabletShablet help you with this! We bring to you a brand that is well known and is in the market for many years. Vasu Healthcare Products, is a leading company in India manufacturing and marketing Phyto-Pharmaceutical Therapeutics, OTC, Personal Care and Herbal Supplements, since 1980. Its popular brands are Trichup, a Hair Care range and Vasu, a Herbal Skin Care range. All the products at Vasu Healthcare Products are 100% herbal and are manufactured in a state of the Art modern production unit. With 39+ years of experience, Vasu Healthcare India Has over 200 products distributed in 40+ countries across the world. The company has been awarded 30+ awards and is National Award Winner for Quality Herbal Products. Because the brand Vasu Healthcare reviews are good, people are now more attracted to it.

To Get Beautiful & Radiant Skin

There are a variety of Vasu Products for skin care, on our website. These skin care products are made from Natural Herbal Actives that enhance the health of the skin. They are Paraben and Formaldehyde Free, Non- irritant and dermatologically safe to use. Vasu skin care range includes Face Wash, KumKumadi Tailam and Insta Glow Cream. These products are made from renowned Ayurvedic herbs that impart a young, healthy and radiant skin. Each product is made such that they are suitable for all skin types. The Vasu Healthcare Kumkumadi Tailam is prepared with the exotic herb “Saffron” along with the rich blend of renowned Ayurvedic herbs that are processed with Sesame oil and Milk, to bring out a radiant-looking skin. In addition, it also provides instant glow.

Trichup: Vasu's Hair Care Brand

Trichup is Vasu’s hair care range with products like Trichup capsule, Trichup Hair Powder, Trichup Oil, Trichup Hair Cream, etc. All of these Trichup Products provide essential nutrients to the hair roots to make your hair Longer & Stronger. We have Trichup Hair products, according to your hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry hair and frizzy hair.
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