Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo ( 200 ml)

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Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo enriched with the goodness of proteins like Almond and Soy, nourishes & conditions the hair. It revives and rejuvenates the hair.

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PRODUCT NAME: Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo

PACK SIZE: Pack Contains 200ml

Trichup Protein Shampoo Composition

The composition of any product is decided keeping in mind the problems. it is supposed to address and which ingredients would facilitate this in the best possible manner. Proteins as we all know are the building blocks in our body. It constantly required for the repair of the damaged cells and to prevent further wear and tear. As a result protein is an integral nutrient.

Our hair also face the same wear and tear owing to exposure and at times over exposure to the dirt, pollution, harmful chemicals and strong cleansing agents exposure to cosmetic procedures both heat and chemical etc. Therefore, to fight this damage… we need to replenish the nutrients lost and keeping this in mind Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo was formulated.

The main ingredients are:

  • Almond : Almond oil is considered as a boon for our hair. Derived from sweet almond it provides all the nourishment needed by the scalp to grow healthy, long and strong hair. It helps to maintain the moisture and gives the hair a healthy shine.The nourished roots can now combat problems like breakage and dryness.
  • Soy: This is another a very rejuvenating and useful protein which gives the weak and damaged strands a new lease of life. It provides complete nutrition and results in stronger, healthier and shinier hair.
  • Gentle Cleansers: A good shampoo must not only provide the essential nutrients but should have a mild and effective cleansing action to wash away dirt, grime and give clean, shinier hair.

Trichup Protein Shampoo is one of the best hair care products available online and the results can be outstanding if the therapy is completed with Trichup Hair Serum.

Trichup Protein Shampoo Benefits

  • The active ingredients in Trichup Protein Shampoo as the name suggests offers the following benefits.
  • The proteins like almond and soy revive the damaged hair making them stronger.
  • The damaged cased by the environmental factors and our own mistakes is taken care of and we get nourished and healthy hair.
  • The gentle cleansers clean the hair and the scalp without causing any further damageand giving us clean and healthy hair.
  • Trichup Protein Shampoo also has additional conditioners which soften the  hair making them more manageable and smooth.


  • Apply to wet hair, work up a rich lather, rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


  • No contraindications reported. Absolutely safe for all.
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