Trichup Hair & Skin Care Gift Hamper

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  • Product Name: Trichup Hair & Skin Care Gift Hamper

    Pack Size: 400ml

    Trichup Hair & Skin Care Gift Hamper

    Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil 200ml/ Trichup Herbal Shampoo 100ml

    FEATURES: The product contains finest herbs and unique ayurvedic treatments, Trichup Hair fall Control Oil is unparalleled in its effectiveness as a potent solution for hair loss prevention. It helps in invigorating hair growth and revitalizing it by giving the follicles and roots all the essential nutrients through natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Amalaki, Neem, Gunja and other rejuvenating herbs which are processed in high-quality Sesame and Coconut oil.

    • Most effective solution for reducing hair fall and hair breakage
    • Nourishes hair follicles and stimulates the scalp to promote fresh hair growth
    • Strengthens hair from its roots giving it a natural bounce and luster

    INGREDIENT: Best hair nourishing, rich in vitamin A & E, promotes natural hair growth. It suppresses vata and pitta. It enhances the growth of hairs. The product contains til oil and narikel.

    Trichup Nutri Shine Hair Serum 50ml

    FEATURES: Gift your hair velvety smoothness. Exceptional conditioning and long-lasting luster with Trichup Hair Serum Nutri Shine. Infused with nutrient-rich oils of Argan, Olive and Wheat germ, this non-greasy formula instantly absorbs into your hair giving stunning shine, while also helping to eliminate frizz, split end breakage.

    Trichup Hair & Skin Care Gift Hamper : Enriched with Special Ingredients

    OLIVE: Olive oil can rapidly smooth the ends of hair that may be split from damage or weak hair. It improves appearance and shine, while also adding volume and making it smoother.

    ARGAN OIL: It is the perfect way to tame flyaway, frizzy hair, even when its dry. It is also effective in hair care, giving freshness and shine to dry hair.

    WHEAT GERM: Wheat germ oil is very nourishing to hair, as it is a rich source of Omega -3 & Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and D as well as plenty of antioxidants. It rebuilds & repairs damaged hair & split ends. It adds softness and moisture to hair

    How Does A Hair Serum Help?

    • Hair serums are meant for treating and preparing hair before using heat on your hair.
    • They help prevent your hair from breakages
    • Hair serums tend to coat your hair to give smooth and shiny hair instantly.

    Direction For Use: Spread evenly a small amount on the entire length of your towel-dried or dry hair and comb as usual. Do not rinse off immediately. Avoid using serum on your scalp.

    UVA Acnovin Herbal Face Pack (2 x 25 g)

    Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) is an excellent powder that helps in the management of Acne / Pimples in all types of skin. Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) contains ingredients having antiseptic and Oil controlling properties. Uva Acnovin Powder (Lep) clears bacteria, controls Oiliness prevents Acne formation and offers to glow & radiating skin complexion.

    Mode of Application: Mix Acnovin Face Pack with water /rose water to make a semi-solid paste. Apply the paste gently on the face neck area & allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure fair, glowing & radiating skin complexion.

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    Vasu Healthcare

    Vasu Healthcare

    Over the last few decades, Ayurveda has taken the world by storm. People now prefer herbal, natural products over chemical-based products. As they are effective and cause no side effects. But, now we have hundreds of Ayurvedic brands in the market. So, it becomes quite difficult to select a single brand amongst them. Let TabletShablet help you with this! We bring to you a brand that is well known and is in the market for many years. Vasu Healthcare Products, is a leading company in India manufacturing and marketing Phyto-Pharmaceutical Therapeutics, OTC, Personal Care and Herbal Supplements, since 1980. Its popular brands are Trichup, a Hair Care range and Vasu, a Herbal Skin Care range. All the products at Vasu Healthcare Products are 100% herbal and are manufactured in a state of the Art modern production unit. With 39+ years of experience, Vasu Healthcare India Has over 200 products distributed in 40+ countries across the world. The company has been awarded 30+ awards and is National Award Winner for Quality Herbal Products. Because the brand Vasu Healthcare reviews are good, people are now more attracted to it.

    To Get Beautiful & Radiant Skin

    There are a variety of Vasu Products for skin care, on our website. These skin care products are made from Natural Herbal Actives that enhance the health of the skin. They are Paraben and Formaldehyde Free, Non- irritant and dermatologically safe to use. Vasu skin care range includes Face Wash, KumKumadi Tailam and Insta Glow Cream. These products are made from renowned Ayurvedic herbs that impart a young, healthy and radiant skin. Each product is made such that they are suitable for all skin types. The Vasu Healthcare Kumkumadi Tailam is prepared with the exotic herb “Saffron” along with the rich blend of renowned Ayurvedic herbs that are processed with Sesame oil and Milk, to bring out a radiant-looking skin. In addition, it also provides instant glow.

    Trichup: Vasu's Hair Care Brand

    Trichup is Vasu’s hair care range with products like Trichup capsule, Trichup Hair Powder, Trichup Oil, Trichup Hair Cream, etc. All of these Trichup Products provide essential nutrients to the hair roots to make your hair Longer & Stronger. We have Trichup Hair products, according to your hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry hair and frizzy hair.
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