Sunova Dr. Shugar

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  • Product Name: Sunova Dr. Shugar

    Pack Size:?This pack contains 50 sachets.


    Dr, Shugar is natural, calorie & chemical free sweetener. It is made from Stevia Leaf Exract. It is estimated to be approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar but it?does not affect blood sugar levels. As it has the same natural taste as sugar, it can be added to any mouth-watering dessert. Recommended for diabetics, hypertensives, weight & health conscious people.

    Health Benefits:

    • Zero Calorie
    • No Chemical
    • Zero Glycemic Index
    • Great Taste
    • Made from leaf of Stevia (a plant) ,100% safe, no known side effects unlike popular Sweeteners based on aspartame & sucralose
    • Research has shown that stevia sweeteners do not contribute calories or carbohydrates to the diet and do not affect blood glucose or insulin response, which allows people with diabetes to consume a wider variety of foods and comply with a healthful meal plan.
    • Stevia lowers postprandial glucose & insulin level in diabetic patients.
    • Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels, increase sodium excretion, and urine output. In higher doses, stevia could potentially help lower blood pressure. The plant may have cardiotonic actions, which normalize?blood pressure?and?regulate heartbeat.
    • A Potent Anti-oxidant: Kills free radicals & protects our cells from oxidative damage



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