Shaving Station Lass-O 3 in 1 Multi Gel – 100ml

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PRODUCT NAME: Shaving Station Lass-O 3 in 1 Multi Gel

PACK SIZE: 100 ml

FEATURE: It is just the thing to ensure your shave becomes ultra-smooth. After washing your face and before apply shaving cream, just massage in a small amount of Lass-O Pre-Shave Gel on your face. It’s unbelievably light and quick-absorb. In seconds, your skin will be amply hydrated and your stubble will lie flat to welcome the razor for a close and clean shave. Plus, its tranquil fragrance will de-stress the mind too.

The features are as follows:

improves shave quality by leaps and bounds.
It also benefits your skin and total wellness.
no toxic sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances in it.
it contains Moroccan Argan Oil – called liquid gold due to its healthy goodness – and 100% pure Himalayan Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils,

INGREDIENTS: Moroccan Argan Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oils & Lavender.

This product to be used as per manufacturer.


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