Shaving Station Bronco Pre Shave Face Wash – 200ml

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PRODUCT NAME: Shaving Station Bronco Pre Shave Face Wash
PACK SIZE: 200 ml
FEATURE: The features are as follows:

It is a Face Wash with Deep Cleansing & Skin Hydration, which leaves skin totally free of dirt, sweat oil or pollutants which helps keep your skin look fresh and sparkling & helps cancels out toxins and impurities in between shaves.
Dirt, grime and sweat on your face can bring down your shave?s quality and affect your looks. Begin your prepping with Lass-O Pre-Shave Face Wash and get your face totally clean and hydrated for smooth shaving action. Use before every shave and see the amazing difference it makes to your shave quality. Its soothing fragrance is just an extra bonus you will enjoy a lot.

INGREDIENTS: The product contains Pure Himalayan Lavender essential oils for helping restore from skin infections and blemishes. This Shaving Station product contains Argan Oil from Morroco dubbed as ?wonder oil? because of its skin healing and nourishing properties

This product is to be used as per manufacturer.

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