SG Health Unisex Anti Pollution Mask – Pack Of 2

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  • A Unisex Anti Pollution Mask.
  • White Colour in Stock.
  • Made of 5 filter layers.
  • No fogging while wearing spectacles.
  • Safe for driving.
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Product Name: SG Health Unisex Anti Pollution Mask (Pack Of 2)

Pack Size: Contains 2 Anti-pollution masks

DIMENSIONS: 16.2 x 15.1 x 6.6 cm

SG Anti Pollution Mask provides protection from air pollution, dust pollution and diseases like swine flu. Its 5 layer carbon fiber protection ensures protection from even the smallest pollutants present in the air so you can only breathe clean and fresh air. The ultra-soft fabric of the mask makes it gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any skin harm or irritation. The 5 layer of the pollution mask includes 2 PP Non-Woven Fabric layer, 1 Electrostatic Media layer, 1 Activated Carbon Filter layer and 1 KN95 Filter layer.

To provide you with safe and effective pollution protection, the SG Anti Pollution Mask meets all the N95 mask standards. It is made with Neated stitching, which makes the mask look much better.

Key Features
  • Its PM 2.5 filter protects from harmful pollution level
  • With 5 layers of carbon fiber
  • Safe to use while driving
  • Do not cause fogging while wearing spectacles
  • Made with soft cotton lining
  • For both Men and Women
  • Also, comes with an adjustable nose clip.


SG Health

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