Sebamed Happy Moments Baby Kit

  • A combo for complete baby care.
  • Safe for the delicate skin of the baby.
  • All of the products in it are Clinically Proven.

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    PRODUCT NAME: Sebamed Happy Moments Baby Kit

    PACK SIZE: The Kit contains 3 items:

    Sebamed Children’s Shampoo

    The shampoo is an extra mild cleansing shampoo with a no-tear formula that does not sting in the eyes. It not only cleanses the hair but also hydrates and strengthens the scalp for hair growth. The pH 5.5 of the shampoo maintains the protective acid mantle of the skin.

    The shampoo contains extracts of chamomile, which relieves the irritation and soothes the baby’s scalp.


    • Made in Germany
    • 100% soap and alkali-free shampoo
    • Leaves hair soft and silky
    • Treats cradle cap, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff
    • Prevents hair from drying
    • Clinically tested
    • Has a pleasant fragrance
    • Do not cause any skin irritation
    • Free from irritants like SLS, Phthalates, and formaldehyde.
    Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

    It’s a soap-free cleansing bar that gently cleanses the baby’s skin, without causing any irritation and dryness. The pH 5.5 of the soap maintains the natural moisture balance of the baby’s skin. The natural oils in the bar moisturize the skin, making it soft and supple. In addition, Chamomile in it soothes the skin of the baby.

    It contains Panthenol, Chamomile, and Wheatgerm oil.


    • Deep nourishing, gentle, cleansing bar for babies
    • Effectively cleanses baby skin
    • Tear-free formula
    • Clinically tested
    • Safe for the delicate skin of the baby
    • Do not cause any skin irritation
    • Free from irritants
    • Also, hydrates the skin
    • Ideal for babies older than 1 month
    • Has a pleasant fragrance.
    Sebamed Baby Lotion

    Sebamed Baby Lotion is an extremely gentle baby lotion for the perfect moisturization and protection of the baby’s skin. Allantoin in it makes the baby skin soft and smooth and protects it from dryness whereas Chamomile in it soothes the skin of the baby. In addition, the lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin.

    It contains Chamomile extracts, Allantoin, Lecithin, and Sorbitol.


    • Extra moisturizing baby lotion
    • Prevents skin dryness
    • Non-greasy
    • Ensures long-lasting hydration of the skin
    • Dermatologically/ clinically tested
    • Gentle enough to be used every day
    • pH 5.5 of it supports the outer protective layer of the skin
    • Safe for the delicate skin of the baby
    • Helps support the natural lipid balance of the skin
    • Free of skin irritants like paraffin, phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol.



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